New Enhanced Entertainment Options for Weddings and Corporate Events

Here at Fusion Events, we are constantly striving to bring new technologies and cutting edge live performances to Toronto for weddings, social gatherings, parties, and corporate events. Two of our more recent additions are Pixel Poi and uRequest Live, which can be incorporated into your next event.

Pixel Poi Live!

Pixel Poi is a unique live performance using LED props to simulate lights in motion and create a 3D image during the performance on stage on the dance floor. It involves spinning and moving special devices that create a wide range of graphical images in a variety of colours and even supports text.

This type of performance can also include special LED SpinFX hoops that light up when spun and moved. Together both types of performances will have your guests off of their feet and amazed while they watch the stunning imagery come to life.

Pixel Poi from Fusion Events can be incorporated into your live entertainment along with our Toronto wedding and event bands to provide entertainment in between sets and keep guests enticed. One of our most popular Pixel Poi performances is an eight minute act that includes Pixel Poi spinning with a dance duet along with hoops spinning, followed by amazing acrobatics.


uRequest Live!

uRequest Live is another cutting edge enhancement that can be used to enhance the experiences of your guests at your wedding or other event. This type of entertainment involves using our special software app that gives you and your guests complete control over what songs the band plays and sings.

Prior to the band taking the stage, we set up an interactive kiosk near the stage preloaded with the music your previously selected. Your guests go up to the kiosk and choose what songs they would like the band to play. As requests are being made through the kiosk, it keeps track of the most requested songs.

On stage, the band receives regular updates about what songs are trending, along with any text messages guests have entered, such as dedications and other “Shout Outs.” They can quickly see what songs have the highest number of requests and its place in the request queue. So songs that are highly requested will get played sooner.

In addition, guests can request songs using a special URL they can enter in their smartphones. Once the system receives the request, it is added into the list along with the requests being made through the kiosk. There is even a search feature built into the app, so guests can quickly see if the song they want to request is available.

Both of our newest entertainment enhancements are perfect additions for your wedding entertainment, corporate event, or any other special event or gathering, when you want your guests to have a fun, interactive, and memorable experience.



To learn more about Pixel Poi and uRequest Live, please feel free to contact Fusion Events at 416-651-3873 to speak with one of our certified wedding and entertainment planners today!