1920’s Themed “Great Gatsby” Wedding

Many of us can remember F. Scott Fitzgeralds beloved book The Great Gatsby.  Taking place in the 1920’s, it was post World War I, a prosperous time in the USA.  The book marvelously captures the essence of the era.  Taking place in the summer of 1922, it focuses on the relationship of two beloved characters Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan.  Gatsby is the mysterious millionaire who throws extravagant parities, and Buchanan, a beautiful flapper, and Gatsby’s great obsession.  Together they travel the country side and spend weekends in New York staying at The luxe Plazza Hotel.

The Great Gatsby is a favourite book of mine, and I am looking forward to seeing the new release with Leonardo Dicaprio this summer!  The trailer looks amazing!!! So, my inspiration board this time around is drawing upon the glamour of the roaring 1920’s as depicted in the book.  Old Hollywood glam is coming back to us in all forms lately, from cars, to clothing, and a reemergence of old flicks such as Gatsby, and Bond.

I have always loved the women from the 20‘s.  In the 20’s the media began promoting more sexualized images of women.  Women quickly let go of the victorian era and embraced their sexuality.  The flapper women were beautiful, fierce, reckless, fast living,…..they loved to dance and party.  Flappers were out full force in the jazz clubs enjoying the lively atmosphere, the music and of course the dancing.

The dances were wild and outrageous, promoting the fast-paced lifestyles of the younger generations, much like today, and celebrate themes like romance, exotic locals and trending fashions.

Why not create a fun and fabulous 1920’s themed wedding that emulates the glam and extravagance of Hollywood!  The 20’s were all about abandoning the constricting clothing and stuffy atmosphere.  Fashion for woman included short sleeves, cropped flowing dresses, fringe, glitter, extravagant hats and headpieces.  Men wore luxury fitted suits and tuxedos with bow ties and hats such as the fedora and bowler.  All of the clothing styles worn in the 1920’s would be very fitting for an elegant wedding today.  Accessories such as gloves, and bold vintage jewelry will really pull the look together.

For reception decor, use anything vintage!  Soft colours such as creams, with accents of gold will look really nice together.  Feathers, flowers, rhinestones and pearls can add romance and glamour.  Art Deco invitations and stationary are the perfect choice to suggest a them of the past.  Your pallet should be soft.  Colours in the 20’s were characteristically muted blues, greens and purples, combined with beiges, roses and gold.  Have fun with it, and let your creativity run wild!

1920's Wedding Theme Inspiration Board

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