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5 Virtual Happy Hour Entertainment Ideas

Do you miss getting together with your co-workers at the end of the workweek to kick off the weekend with Happy Hour? You are not alone and many of us miss our Happy Hour traditions of gathering together to celebrate the end of the workweek, a successful project completion, the launch of a new product line, or a team member’s birthday, retirement, promotion, or engagement announcement.

With COVID-19 still around, celebrating Happy Hour in person is not possible right now. Fortunately, we have the technology available to allow us to enjoy Happy Hour virtually and safely. Rather than just connect on Zoom and sit there and talk about what you are doing while sipping on drinks, why not liven things up with a virtual Happy Hour entertainment celebration?

Idea #1: Virtual 80’s Dance Party

Flashback to the 1980s by having everyone dress up in 80s clothing and put on their best 80s hairstyle. Hire a live band to perform 80s songs virtually. You could even have the band take requests using technology like uRequest Live uses or play a game where the band plays a part of a song and everyone takes a turn trying to guess the name and artist.

Idea #2: Virtual Murder Mystery

What could be better than trying to solve a murder mystery while enjoying Happy Hour? You can make one up yourself, get one of out a box, or hire a professional to design and host the virtual mystery.

Idea #3: Virtual Cook-Off Challenge

Who makes the best wings? What about cheese dip? Host a virtual cook-off where everyone has a set amount of time to cook and prepare a specific type of Happy Hour food. Be sure to share the recipes ahead of time, so everyone can participate. Then, everyone votes on whose Happy Hour food looks the most appealing. An alternate option is to hire a chef to teach everyone how to prepare popular Happy Hour food.

Idea #5: Create a Video Mashup

Working with your guests and your event planner, you can create a fun video set to the song of your choice. Have the group decide what song they want to sing. Once the song is selected, everyone records their own video at home while singing the song. Then, they email you or your production assistant their videos.

Your event planner can help you find a production assistant to assemble the video with everyone in it. During your Happy Hour, you can “premier” the video!

Just because we cannot get together for Happy Hour right now, doesn’t mean we still can have fun and exciting Happy Hour events that are entertaining and engaging! For help planning a virtual Happy Hour, get help from the experienced event planners at Fusion Events.

We can help plan and prepare various aspects of your virtual Happy Hour including providing access to top-rated entertainment. For more information, please feel free to contact us at 416-825-4938 today!