Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

Traditionally baked and served to guests to symbolize luck for the newly-wed couple, wedding cake is an obvious addition to any post-nups reception. And who doesn’t love a scrumptious, spongey treat? I’ll happily take two slices, thank you very much. In recent years though, I can’t help but feel like I may be the lone cheerleader, sitting by myself on the bleachers with my sad little droopy banner (go cake go!).

It seems that every wedding I attend these days boasts a fabulous, extravagant multi-tiered cake, which more times than not seems to go untouched by wedding-goers. While I believe this is truly a travesty, many guests at weddings seem to have opted out of the wedding cake. But why? Is it our ever-growing, health-conscious, carb-free obsessed society slowly rejecting the fatty yumminess of this decadent tradition? Or maybe the meals at weddings have become so lavish that there is simply no room left in guests’ bellies to indulge themselves in one more bite?

Thankfully, I recognized the waning interest in cake at weddings before my own in October of 2013, and therefore decided that a small, modest two-tiered cake from one of the best pastry chefs in the city would suffice for my 150 guests. Well, it turned out to be more than enough as my husband and I enjoyed nearly all two-tiers for the six months following our blissful day (you’d be amazed at how great cake will keep if you wrap it up in some wax paper, stick it in a ziplock bag, and pop it in the freezer!).

This begs the question, “why bother?”. Wedding cakes are pricey. Is it really worth tacking something onto your budget that may not even be acknowledged by your beloved guests? Well fret not, love birds. I am here to give you some alternatives to this seemingly dying tradition that your guests may actually want to partake in consuming. You may save a couple bucks too.

Cheese Wheel “Cake”

Ok, so this is amazing. At many dinner parties I’ve attended, the host will often put out a cheese tray following a meal as an aperitif to enjoy with some sort of spirit- scotch, brandy, cognac, etc. By offering this at a wedding, guests don’t need to commit to an entire slice. They can pick and choose based on your selection, and serve themselves a quantity that fits their appetite.


Crepe “Cake”

What a great idea for a morning or early afternoon reception! Guests can enjoy  this traditional french pastry while sipping mimosas, perhaps after a little smoked salmon and frittata? Sign me up.


Creme Brûlée Tower “Cake”

Much like the cupcake or macaron tower, which let’s face it- we’ve seen a ton of, these little individual cups of heaven can be stacked and put on display for your guests to grab. People love individual portions… it makes them feel better about their gluttony, and they feel like it was specially prepared just for them. How sweet!

Creme Brûlée Wedding Cake Alternative

Ice Cream Sandwich “Cake”

Who can pass up an ice cream sandwich, I mean really. Pile these babies up for your guests to nosh on while they dance the night away. Great for a summer wedding- just make sure you have a nearby freezer to ensure these sweets don’t wilt into an ice cream puddle.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 4.42.30 PM

Although many couples may still prefer tons of tiers to slice into and smoosh onto each other’s faces (it does make for a great photo-op…), these alternatives are definitely worth some consideration. Think individual and portable. What will your guests be able to enjoy on the fly while they mix and mingle at the most important party you will ever throw? So, let them eat cake! …or cheese… or crepes… or… creme brûlée… or ice cream sandwiches. You get it.

Today’s blog is brought to you by certified wedding planner, Katie Wallbank, WPICC:

Katie WallbankKatie is a Toronto native who started her events career in tournaments and sports travel, after obtaining her Art History degree in Ottawa. Upon her return to Toronto, Katie volunteered at St. John’s Rehab Hospital in the foundations department, where she assisted with the execution of various fundraising events. Katie took a brief hiatus from events to pursue work as a licensed paralegal, for which she obtained her license in 2012. Shortly after acquiring her license, Katie became engaged, and started the whirlwind process of planning her own wedding. Having heard horror stories from multiple brides about what a daunting task it is to plan one’s own nuptials, Katie was un-phased by it all, and quickly took a shine to the daily ins and outs associated with wedding planning. Creative by nature, Katie thrives in the planning realm by pairing her detail oriented and organized skill sets with her keen eye for stunning aesthetics, resulting in seamless, beautiful events. You can find Katie fingering through racks of gorgeous linens at her favourite decor company, or with her nose stem-deep in a fragrant floral arrangement at her local florist.