Bridal Hair Trends 2014

Katie Wallbank chats hair with bridal stylist, Candice Irons

Any bride knows the two staple wedding services that must be included in order to further enhance her natural beauty and elevate her overall look on her special day: make-up, and of course, hair! Those lady locks better be primped and pruned when you go marching down that aisle, and it’s in your interest to enlist the help of a professional to help best execute the look you’ve been dreaming of. After all, wedding photos are forever, and you can’t re-do that authentic moment.

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How to choose a style though? You will undoubtedly pin tons of gorgeous looks- up, down, half-up/half down, straight, curly, head pieces, mohawks… you get the drift.

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I wanted to learn more about, and hone in on the most up-to-date trends in bridal hair, so I turned to my network of fabulous people and was lucky enough to snag an interview with WPICC Alum, Candice Irons. Although she professionally started her career about 5 years ago, she has been doing hair since her high-school days. With a few hundred brides and bridal parties under her belt, Candice is my go-to hair girl when it comes to all things bridal hair (and all things hair for that matter).

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I met Candice almost 4 years ago when I stumbled into the salon she was working out of at the time to get my do blown out for my first date with my (now) husband. We immediately clicked. A total girl’s girl (I’m sure she does just fine with the gents too), Candice admits she “…loves girls, and making new friends…” which she attributes to her success with brides. When you pop down in her chair you’ll gab like two tweens at a slumber party, and it’s the best.

K: How did you get into doing bridal hair?

Candice- loose-up

C: I’ve always been a creative… I am addicted to wedding magazines, and always have been. My top picks are Pacific Weddings, Toronto-based Wedlux, and Grace Ormond. I needed to pick my creative outlet, and hair was it!

K: What are you seeing a lot of for summer 2014 brides?

C: Simple, natural looks. Down hair, loose curls, waves, loose twists and braids- an effortless look that’s been professionally done. Definitely this season’s go-to. 

Candice- loose:rose

K: What are some trends you are loving for summer 2014 brides?

Candice- floral crown, Pires Photography

Candice- loose:rose

C: I’m really into the “messy” low-pony and the chignon look this summer… and floral crowns! I love them so much, so hot for summer this year! 

K: What looks do you think we’ll be seeing a lot of heading into the fall/winter season?

C: I think that the simpler looks will carry into fall/winter. When your hair is down and covers your neck, it keeps the bride a little warmer- perfect for fall/winter weddings. I am, however, biased- down hair is my all-time fave look. 

K: What bridal hair trends do you think are on their way out? What’s gotta go?

C: I think that anything really structured, clean and “coiffed” looking needs to be retired asap. There are a few exceptions, but not many, in my opinion.


Candice bio photo- Oviyan Photography

You can check out Candice’s website for more info on her services here, drop her a line at, or give her a ring at 416-858-0514. You can also follow Candice via Instagram, username wearhairdown.

All photos are property of Candice Irons

Bio photo of Candice taken by Oviyan Photography


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