How do you say thank you to the women who have jumped on the roller coaster that is your wedding?! They’ve wiped your tears, shared words of encouragement and helped you relax in moments of worry! Fusion Events has got you covered! Here are a few amazing Bridal party gifts that will let your Bride Tribe know they are appreciated and loved!

“Thank you” in 6 Creative Ways!

Robe up!

A popular choice which can be purchased in a set, or individually. Able to be personalized with initials or “Bridesmaid/Bride.” Available in floral or individual colours. Can be useful on “the day-of!” Great for pictures and can be used again . On Etsy for $27-$50 depending on style and personalization (cheaper in bulk).

bridesmaids and the bride all in robes doing a cheers


Slip into Cozy!

Wedding Slippers are a great gift that is cost effective. They can be given on their own or as the perfect pairing to a Bridesmaid Robe. Also available for personalization of Bridal Role, or initials. On Etsy for $7.04

slippers with "bride" "bridesmaid" and "maid of honour" on it


Hang in Style!

Personalized wedding hangers are both stylish, practical and cost-effective. Can also be used on the day of and most definitely thereafter! Style below is the perfect gift for a rustic wedding theme, also available in more classic styles. On Etsy for $5.41

Personalized wooden clothes hanger


Tumbler Party!

Drink Tumblers for your wedding party! Can be customized for Bridal Party role, or individual names. For something extra these tumbler’s can be filled with a thank you letter, or a fun treat! On Etsy for $13.56 (Fun Fact: Etsy also makes personalized wine glasses for your Bridal Party).

5 tumbler cups with personalized names


Kiss and Makeup!

Why not give your bridesmaids a handmade cosmetic bag, perfect for wedding day makeup! A unique idea that is practical and can be used in every-day life as a make-up bag, or as a traveling bag for cosmetics. Available in floral designs with Bridal party role, personal initials or individual names. On Etsy for $22.80

white makeup bag with the writing "bridesmaid" on it


The Best Reflection!

Make your bridesmaids feel special with personalized compact mirrors! An easy way to check out their fabulous makeup on the day of! A modest gift that would be a great accompaniment to the bridesmaid makeup bag! On Etsy for $17.66

various styles of compact mirrors


With these personalized gift ideas your bridal party will know how important and special they are (while your piggy bank stays in tact)!

P.S. Etsy also has fabulous gift ideas for your groomsmen!