Candy Buffet and Sweet Tables for Weddings

andy Buffets for Weddings

Who doesn’t love candy?  Sweet, Salty, Chewy, Hard, Ill take my candy any way it  comes, and nothing is more fun at a party than a Candy Buffet.  Sweet tables and Candy Buffets are a big trend at weddings lately and its no wonder why! Candy tables can be a lot of fun to put together and guest will just go nuts over them.  The possibilities are endless and in my opinion, when it comes to candy, you can never have too much!

Building a candy buffet can be an enjoyable task.  You can create a bit of nostalgia with certain types of candy, and you can have gusts excited and delighted.  Candy buffets can fit within your colour scheme, or theme, and they can be a great parting gift for guests…..that is if they don’t devour it all before the end of the night!

Sweet Tables are edible wedding decor!

Candy Table Themes

To create a visually appealing candy bar, use containers of varying height and size.  Choose a minimum of 9 different candy options, and cut it off at 15.  This will ensure a good variety and a table that is not too crowded or overwhelming.  Be prepared to buy large quantities of each candy for visual effect.

Have a good selection of different types of candy…..chocolate, hard candies, gummy candies, jelly beans, licorice, lollypops, caramels and mints…..When selecting candy,  also consider your guests age.  Adults love nostalgic types of candy, while kids will flock to gummies and sours.

Candy Buffet Colours

Colour schemes don’t just apply to the flowers, and bridesmaid dresses.  Matching your candy to the overall colour pallet whether its one,two or three colours is easy to do. There are hundreds of candy choices in every colour of the rainbow, even options in gold and silver .  You just need to know where to look, or who to ask and you can create a spectacular table in your wedding colour!   Its also ok to create multicoloured candy tables, but the overall appearance of a single colour is truly spectacular.

Candy Buffet Containers

Use fashionable and bold details to tie your candy buffet together.  Quality ribbons and linens, cute labels, fancy or quirky containers, scoops and tongs, and some pin spot lighting will draw lots of attention.  Don’t be afraid to brand your candy table with monogramed labels and goodie bags.  Decor items and flowers can also dress up the table and will make for great photographs.

Weddings can never be too playful or too sweet.  Candy buffets are a fantastic way to ensure that guests leave with a sweet taste in their mouths!  Candy favours of any kind are a creative and fun gesture.  They fulfill the sweet tooth’s of the bride and groom, as well as guests of all ages.  Join the growing trend and add a candy buffet to your wedding!

Toronto Wedding Planner, Erica Reavell WPICC

Erica Reavell, WPICC

Erica started her career working in Toronto as a trained Interior Designer.  After planning her own wedding at the Thompson Landry Gallery in Toronto’s Historic Distillery District, she discovered her true passion in event planning and design.  Her strong foundation in design and decorating is a big asset in the field of wedding planning and co-ordination.  She exudes passion and energy for her clients, while her work ethic embodies personalized service, elegance, and fun.  She loves to create weddings that embody unique style, and provide lasting memories for her clients and their guests.




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