Thinking of popping the question?

Engagement Ring stones

A marriage all begins with a ring. This “first step” statement piece is very important.

Traditional wedding rings and wedding bands are classic and beautiful but may not be for your future fiancée. These are things to think about when you start your hunt for the perfect ring. Select a ring that reflects her personality and one that will make her smile every time she looks down at her left hand. Figuring this out might sound like tough work but with some tips you’ll pick the perfect ring!

A good idea is start to notice and pay attention to her style day to day.

  • Does her style reflect more of the non-traditional ring?

Rose Gold Morganite Engagement Ring

  • Or do you think she would love a classic solitaire diamond ring?

Platinum Solitaire Engagement Ring

Take note of the jewelry she already wears.

  • Does she wear silver/platinum or gold? Maybe she wears both?
  • Would she want a bigger stone? Or does she prefer the daintier look?

We suggest taking a couple of weeks to make mental notes so you have a pretty good idea when you go to the jeweler.

Pintrest could be the jackpot on knowing exactly what she would want in an engagement ring. She may have been “hinting” you along this whole time.

Loose Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but not for every girl. We’ve come up with some fantastic ideas that could be perfect for your bride to be.

Diamond alternative are very “in” these days since the society we live in is always changing and the traditional way isn’t the only option anymore.


If you love the idea of something non-traditional and unique a gemstone engagement ring might just be for you. They come in many hues and tones. Some people choose a coloured gemstone because of its symbolic or even personal meaning. Such as her birthstone or the baby blue color of the waves when you proposed on the beach that brisk morning.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

A radiant ruby would be a very distinctive engagement ring and sure to caught everyones eye. They have been referenced to beauty and wisdom. Its passionate red colour makes it an ideal choice for a strong and romantic gemstone.

Celebrity fact: Jessica Simpson lavishing engagement ring is a Ruby. Her birthday is in July and it happens to be her birthstone as well.

Jessica Simpson Ruby Engagement Ring

Maybe she is more drawn to blue and green hues for their soothing effect? Perhaps something the symbolized softness and individuality, like a peach or light pink would suit her. Luckily sapphires are available in every color of the rainbow.

Loose Gemstones

Keep in mind eye color, style, personality, and the way different colours make you feel, or would make her feel.

Another fantastic option could be a birthstone. This would beautiful selection for an engagement ring.

Showing Birthstones by month


Now go out there and start looking for the perfect ring! When you do give us a call to speak to a professional wedding proposal planner to help you plan that magical day! Call 416-651-3873 or email