Choosing Your Ceremony Music

Walking down the aisle is the most emotional part of the wedding for many brides. Those few steps to the man you chose to be your husband are the beginning of your lives together. Many brides choose to amplify this moment by having live music accompany their entrance.
Why not pick the song that means a lot to both of you? With beautiful lyrics or melody or both? Why not have your song played by your favourite instrument, whether it is harp, saxophone, or spanish guitar?

I have asked our accomplished musicians which ceremony songs had the most impact on them and I did not get a single identical answer! At Fusion Events we can always help you find and arrange the song that is a true reflection of your relationship, so that you and your guests will remember those moments!

1) What is the coolest/original/emotional songs you have performed at the ceremony?
2) What was/will be the song at your ceremony?
3) Any word of advice/comment for couples who are picking the songs for their ceremony?

Jill Daley (violinist):

Jill Daley

Jill Daley

1) My husband and I played “Something” by the Beatles for a bride’s entrance and I thought it really captured the moment of the groom seeing his love for the first time on their wedding day perfectly.
2) I walked down the aisle to “Pavanne” by Gabriel Faure. It’s such a beautiful piece of music and sets a very serene mood.
3)I think the most important thing to remember when picking the music for the ceremony, is that the songs that are meaningful to you will set the right mood. Melodies and/or lyrics that speak to you will mean the most and will stay with you forever.

Lynzie Kent (Electric Blonde, singer):

Fun, Exciting, Fresh

Fun, Exciting, Fresh

1) My two favourites were “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele. Princess Kate and Will had just danced to this at their wedding, so it was popular at that time. The words and melody are really lovely too. We’ve also had a bride walk down the aisle to Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe” and it was also a fave of ours, as it is by one of my favourite bands.
2) My very dear friend, Rich, played acoustic guitar for the bridal processional at my wedding. My bridesmaids each had their own song with the word “Girl” in it, i.e.. “Girl” by the Beatles, “Girls” by the Beastie Boys, “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston. He changed the song as he saw each girl. Then, I walked down the aisle to an acoustic version of “Over the Hills and Far Away” by Led Zeppelin.
3) A lot of people are worried about the lyrics and what the song is saying, but I don’t think that always needs to drive the decision. Music moves people for many reasons, so I always recommend choosing a song that has a special meaning to you, no matter what the lyrical content is. If its a beautiful memory, or the first song you danced to on a first date, or a song that makes you feel excited… Also, if you are having the song played live, ask the musicians how they can edit the song so your favourite parts are played, as the processional is not always long enough for an entire song.

Julian Taylor (Julian Taylor Band, singer):


1) Skinny Love by Bon Iver and You Belong To Me by Bob Dylan, Uprising Down Under by Sam Roberts.
2) This Must be the Place by The Talking Heads.
3) Pick something that really means something to you and one that’s not too long so your guest can enjoy the moment with you.





Matt Giffin (Fusion Events Orchestra, keyboard):

Fusion Events Orchestra

Fusion Events Orchestra

1) Coolest song I’ve ever performed: The Book of Love by the Magnetic Fields I played for the wedding of two close friends. Singing Love Remains by Collin Raye with my Dad at my Aunt’s wedding was the most emotional.
2/3) Don’t be afraid of being earnest. There is a trend nowadays of keeping the ceremony casual, and many times that translates into levity during the vows. We live in a cynical age. Having an earnest music selection for the processional can make a powerful statement about the seriousness of the commitment of the couple to one another. If there is a song whose music and lyrics really speak to you, don’t be afraid to go for it, maybe just stay away from the Friends theme. On the other hand, if you want to throw a hilarious and crazy party (and who doesn’t) maybe there is an inside-joke that will set off a riot among your close friends.

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