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Mark Birnbaum

Mark Birnbaum

Hired Shugga

My wife and I enlisted Fusion Events for our wedding on March 29th 2014 at the Rosewater Room. We selected the band Shugga, and everything exceeded our expectations.

Upon our first meeting with Arthur to go over the finer points for the big day, he was extremely affable and answered all our questions. We were impressed with his attention to detail and genuine desire for us to have the best experience possible.

We loved the ability to request that the band learn a few songs that weren’t on their repertoire (after checking that the band would have no problem learning them).

The entire band was so full of energy and the general vibe was that they were having a great time performing. The lead singer, Mike Fertola, was in another category entirely.

Initially we had requested that a duo perform during the ceremony (piano and guitar), but upon seeing our song list, Arthur suggested that Mike in fact sing during the ceremony. At first we were a bit hesitant, as we didn’t want him “stealing the show”, as it were, but his performance was incredible and was the most amazing complement to our ceremony.

We requested that the band perform the following songs:

Ellie Goulding – How Long Will I Love You – Bridal Party Processional

Christina Perri – A Thousand Years – Bridal Processional

Dave Matthews Band – Ants Marching – Recessional

John Legend – All of Me – First Dance

The band arrived early (including Arthur, who was there to ensure everything went off without a hitch), and I was very pleasantly surprised to be upstairs when the duo was setting up for the ceremony. Mike was there warming up and practicing the songs. I knew right away that we were going to be in for a great night. Mike’s Dave Matthews was quite reminiscent of his early days as a singer and sounded perfect.

Shugga played all through dinner and in between speeches. It totally changed the vibe for our wedding. People (en mass) were getting up and dancing in between courses.

When the band kicked off their full sets after our first dance (Mike’s rendition of John Legend’s All of Me was spot on) the party practically didn’t stop until 1 a.m.

We would, without reservation, recommend Shugga to perform at any event, and we were quite impressed with Fusion’s professionalism and helpfulness in making our wedding the hit it was. Everyone came up to us and declared their own adoration for the band, and we knew we had made the right choice.