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The day that you have been dreaming of your entire life is finally here and you are looking radiant as ever. Although you, your closest friends, mother and the rest of your bridal party will watch the magic unfold before their very eyes, the rest of your guests only get to see the finished product… Worry no more because Snapchat will let all of your guests create “wedding snap stories” of all ups and downs during your special day. Everyone will have the opportunity to act as their own videographer capturing a unique viewpoint that everyone can view on the app. Snapchat has “uped” their game enabling you to watch how the day unfolds, as well as allowing everyone to partake in the fun with a personalized wedding snapchat geofilter:

How It Works:

Step One: You can hire a graphic artist, ask a friend with a knack for graphic design or use one of their pre-made templates to create a filter while following the guidelines provided on the website.

Step Two: After the filter is created, you can play around with the “On Demand” feature on the Snapchat website to figure out how much the cost will be. The cost ranges from $5.00- $1000.00~ depending on the size of the location, how many filters you want and the amount of time you want it to be available. The average cost for a wedding is around $25.00 USD.

Step Three: As soon as you purchase it- CONGRATS- you have your very own filter to fulfill all of your guests’ wedding selfie needs.?

Here are some ideas of wedding Snapchat filters to give you some inspiration!

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.48.21 PM

~Grooms just make sure you don’t sneak a peak of your bride before the big reveal~


By: Courtenay Field

About the Author

Courtenay Field is a current undergraduate student studying at the University of Toronto. When she is not buried in books she can be found working events all over Toronto. Her previous work includes Chairing Trinity College’s Orientation Week and the Trinity College Dramatic Society, working with Relay for Life-Aurora Chapter and University of Toronto Visitor’s Centre on any and every event possible. She is extremely excited to join the team at Fusion Events and plunge head first into the exciting world of weddings.