Not every one of your guests knows how you have met, how you have fallen in love, and how your relationship has grown. While a love story video with your childhood photos and  relationship timeline is a popular choice, more and more couples are trying to showcase their creativity through telling their beautiful story in other ways. If you are one of those couples, let me give you some suggestions!

Sharing your story is a great way to connect intimately with your guests. Some of them know you, some of them know your spouse-to-be, but making sure every single one of your favourite people knows who you are as a couple will make your wedding that much more memorable. Whichever idea you choose, don’t shy away from little personal details- just enough for your guests to understand that they are a part of something truly special.

Have fun:)

Sand Love Story 

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My personal favourite. It is elegant, unique and absolutely breathtaking. This gorgeous visual expression, accompanied by your favourite song will create a powerful experience for your guests. Your story can be presented in so many artistic ways, emphasizing details and emotions that could not be expressed via video or photo. Tip: order it before hand and present it as a video to save time.

I love You spelled in sand on video

Sand drawing of a moment two people meet


Wedding Newspaper

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3 words: unique, old school, romantic. Send them with your wedding invitations or have them ready for your guests at the wedding. Why not create a crossword (my personal favourite part of the newspaper)? Include dates important to you, places that you have or would like to visit, trips you have made together and books and movies that you love.

Newly married couple holding a newspaper article with their love story

Newspaper wedding program

Wedding crossword for every guest


Wedding Website

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While the idea itself is simple, you can do anything you want on your website! From telling your story in text, pictures, video or audio files, to letting your out-of-town guests know where to find your favourite brunch place. Personal details, awesome graphics and fun puzzles will have your guests counting down the days to your wedding!


Wedding website with an engagement picture as a backdrop

Wedding website with an engagement picture as a backdrop


Story Books

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A creative take on classic invitations. Find a service that creates beautiful booklets featuring your pictures, and fun facts about you and your bridal party. You can use them as invitations, programs, or why not add them to your welcome bag?

A book or brochure with engagement pictures and a story of how a couple have met and fell in love

A brochure that tells a love story and introduces most important people in the lives of a couple

Audio Tale

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A memory station of sorts, this creative idea not only serves the purpose of telling a story, but will also reflect the fun, quirky personalities of a couple. Consider having the headphones match the colour of your wedding palette, and adding pictures or videos to display along with audio.

Audio Story Station - colourful earphones and an invitation for wedding guest to listen to a couple's story

Colourful earphones connected to an iPad that has a recording of a couple's love story

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