Daytime Wedding vs. Evening Wedding

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In Chinese culture, a daytime wedding  is common in some areas.  For example, in Northern China, only a previously wed couple can hold an evening wedding. The first time wed couples have to finish the ceremony by noon and have a lunch reception with their family and friends to celebrate the new marriage.

However, in Canada how acceptable is it to import these ideas and methods? The reality is that, more and more Canadians are considering a day time wedding. So what are the differences between a day time wedding vs. an evening wedding, in terms of costs and benefits?

Costs on FOOD:

In general, people consume less food at lunch than at dinner. So when the couples choose menus, they can consider something lighter than dinner, I.E sweet tables are not on the”must have” list anymore. In addition, the minimum spending on food and room rental at the venue is also lower than dinner.

Poutine Station

Poutine Station

Costs on BEVERAGE:

Same as above, guests tend to drink less at lunch than dinner. In this case, the couple can consider a basic open bar or consumption bar to reduce costs and still meet guests’ preferences at the same time.


Guests drink far less during the day then at night

Costs on BAND:

It is not necessary to have a DJ or a band for a lunch reception since guests may not want to dance during daytime. However, a string quartet for background music during the lunch would be a very classical and elegant way to add prestige to your wedding. In general, a string quartet is $1500-$3000 cheaper than a band.

Toronto Wedding Band God Made Me Funky

Toronto Wedding Band God Made Me Funky


Natural sunlight for photos generally turn out better than flash photography! Especially for venues which have floor to ceiling windows, photos would look more natural, bright and less artificial!

Toronto Wedding Photography by Jamieson Dean

Toronto Wedding Photography by Jamieson Dean


Since lunch bookings are generally in less demand than dinner, couples will have a better choice of rooms they want on the chosen date.  In addition, couples can even negotiate a better or bigger room since most rooms would be available anyway.

Toronto Wedding Venue - Steamwhistle Brewery

Toronto Wedding Venue – Steamwhistle Brewery


If you choose to have a morning ceremony (vs. an afternoon ceremony), there are benefits of convenience to your guests as well. In these cases, lunch can be scheduled immediately after the morning ceremony. Thus, guests don’t need to wait for a prolonged period of time between the usual morning ceremony and evening reception.

In conclusion, a daytime wedding can represent an interesting and compelling choice for some couples, one definitely worthy of consideration.



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