Destination Wedding Tips

How To Plan The Perfect Wedding Abroad

Destination weddings have recently become more popular and many couples have been heading far from home to tie the knot. We don’t blame these couples, after all, there are a lot of benefits, and with minimal drawbacks; they are definitely worth considering for any soon-to-be-married couple. In many ways, they can actually be more affordable than traditional weddings. Often ceremonies are smaller when holding your nuptials far away as certain guests will be unable to attend, making it less costly. No matter your reasons for considering one, read on for our list of destination wedding tips.

Planning is Crucial 

Failed plans at a wedding can leave yourselves with less than perfect memories of the event. Don’t spoil your big day and plan in advance. Destination weddings require a few extra steps in the planning process to make sure everything is right. Don’t forget to renew all the passports well in advance and the sooner you book your flight the better deal you are likely to get. If you feel like you can’t do it alone, hire a wedding planner to help.

Count Your Guests Before Reserving That Venue

You should have a good idea of how many people will actually make the trek to your destination wedding. Venue costs can spike up in price depending on their size and property. Don’t overpay for a small crowd but also don’t disregard guests that haven’t just yet RSVP’d. Be sure that your venue won’t be overflowing with people or empty!

Research, Research, Research

Legal requirements for marriage may differ depending on country or region. You may need a blood test or immunization record, and there may be a time requirement between applying for a license and receiving it. Same-sex couples are unfortunately still banned from a number of places, so watch out for that. When you get married abroad you are subject to the laws of that region so make sure you know what those laws are.

Necessary Precautions

While traveling, you still have to remember that you are in a foreign country and you should always secure valuables in your safe. Also, make sure that you have insurance for your engagement ring and jewelry, and that they’re covered when you travel abroad. You want this experience to be as stress-free as possible and having insurance simply adds an extra layer of protection for any unforeseen circumstance.

Get Savings Through Combining Plans

Booking your flight and hotel together on travel sites are known to provide savings but you can also save a lot by having your honeymoon in the same city as your wedding. 15% of the wedding budget is generally delegated to the honeymoon. Reduce that cost of additional flights, and have your honeymoon in the same fabulous locale that you’ve chosen for the ceremony.

Don’t Forget About The Weather!

Keep in mind that many of the popular destination wedding countries have a hurricane season. Planning ahead and knowing what to expect before you book your tickets is important. Always buy travel insurance with your plane tickets and check on the rescheduling policy of your venue. And—even if you’re getting married in Corsica in July—make sure you have a rain plan.


There will be some minor bumps during and leading up to the big moment but don’t fret. Between international flights, currency exchange and foreign language issues things can get stressful. When something comes up, take a minute to process it, evaluate the issue and come up with a sensible solution. Don’t let anything ruin the day for you.

Joining the many other couples who have decided to go with a destination wedding is sure to be an unforgettable experience. No matter the location or your budget, with a little planning you are sure to pull off a beautiful ceremony that will be meaningful for you and your loved ones.