Fairytale Weddings – Inspiration

What woman has not dreamed of her perfect fairytale wedding from when she was a little girl? Growing up to movies like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast makes us want that fairytale ending..or better yet I should say beginning as your wedding is the start of your fairytale. That magical, romantic, enchanted atmosphere that surrounds you, that flawless ball gown that makes you feel like a princess, the perfect shoes to match it, and last but not least, your Prince Charming! Some women end up changing their wedding theme when the time actually comes, but many women stick to making their initial dream wedding come true. When people hear the theme “enchanted fairytale”, some people may imagine it as “tacky” as they imagine everything pink, fluffy, and princess like. However, this theme can actually give you one of the most romantic looks at your wedding, and believe me, when using the right colour scheme and decor, it will look nothing but stunning!

An important key to perfecting the look to this theme is choosing the right colour scheme. Blush, white, and lots of greenery. Adding hints of lavender or red will give it that warm, romantic atmosphere; along with – of course- lots and lots of candles. You can choose lavender for your uplighting and use artificial moss for some of the greenery. For your ceremony, have two floral arches, one at the beginning of the aisle and the other where you will meet your prince. Along the sides of the aisle, have candles set up and flower pedals spread from beginning to end.


Now, for the sweet little details and decor, let’s start with the favours. Make little “Love potion” bottles that you can fill with liquor. Fill it with either your favourite liquor, or what your culture is known for. For example if you’re Russian; fill it with vodka, if you’re German; fill it with Jagermeister, etc. Your guests will enjoy this gift. The tag that’s attached to the bottle can say something as simple as ” Cheers to eternal happiness and love” or your names and wedding date..or of course both.

Who doesn’t love a “floating rose” inside of a glass dome just like in Beauty and the Beast! Use this on your sweet table or gift table. For the centrepiece use a brown artificial Manzanita tree with roses and some greenery. Have some more roses and artificial moss surrounding the bottom of the tree. For the table linens, use a ivory underlay with a champagne blush overlay.

For the seating chart; take pieces of birch wood, cut slits into it and stick your seating cards into it. Surround the birch wood with artificial moss and some flowers. An alternative would be having a circular table with an artificial 3 ft wishing tree on it decorated with flowers and some moss. Set up the seating cards on the table surrounding the tree. Use a white bird cage decorated with some greenery and roses for your money box .

For the venue, there are quite a few places where you can have your enchanted fairytale begin, but what better place is there than an actual castle??? Casa Loma would be the perfect venue for a fairytale wedding theme, it has a lot of history and it’s just downright gorgeous!

Today’s blog brought to you by Fusion Events very own certified wedding planner, Krystina Western-Doll, WPICC:

After having assisted in the planning and decorating of some of her friends and families weddings and events, Krystina found her passion in becoming an event/wedding planner. Growing up, you could always find her painting, drawing, decorating and creating things. Krystina is a perfectionist who will go above and beyond to make sure that her creations will reflect your vision. She has travelled a lot through Europe and grew up in Germany which has made her more familiar with many of the European wedding traditions. She’s currently engaged and planning her Russian Orthodox/Catholic wedding. She believes that there’s always a way to blend two different cultures together for a wedding. Whatever your event is, Krystina will ensure that you will have a flawless event as she has a keen eye for detail, she’s very hardworking and personable and always brings a contagious creative energy to the table.


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