Farm To Fork Catering – Beretta Kitchen

We had the pleasure of having Jennifer, Mike and  Heather from Beretta Kitchen at our office for a delicious food tasting of some of the amazing dishes they have to offer for catering. They are a team of creative individuals who all share a huge passion for food! Their food is created from scratch and made with natural and organic ingredients whenever possible. At Beretta, they believe that education is the best starting point for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Everything is certified organic, there’s choices for antibiotic and hormone free, organic, grass fed, organic grass fed, and the list goes on. They take pride in what they do. All of their farm animals are raised naturally and treated in the most humane way, reducing stress and improving the flavour of the meat.

The dishes that we got to try were super delicious!! Everything tasted so healthy and fresh. They definitely have the right idea of which sides to pair up with the main course; it all compliments each other. We were very impressed with them.


Signature Sweet and Salty Candied Bacon and Caramel Popcorn

-One word: ADDICTING! This has the perfect amount of caramel on it so it’s not too sweet like most of them tend to be. The pieces of bacon give it that balance between sweet and salty.



Beet Carpaccio, Pine Nut, Goat Cheese, Arugula

-This was a great start to the meals, very fresh and light



Masala Steelhead Trout (Lois Lake, B.C., Ocean Wise Farmed), Wild Rice Pilaf, Sesame Bok Choy

-Not only vegetarians will love this! The Trout was flawless, moist and flavourful. The rice pilaf complimented the trout very well as it added a little crunch to everything.


Honey Glazed Chicken Surpreme, Sweet Potatoe Pave, Roasted Tomato and Kale, Chili Glazed Jerusalem Artichoke

-This dish was very appetizing, crisp, browned, glazed finish


Rosemary Infused Organic Beef Tenderloin, Thyme Scented Roasted Baby Potato, Preserved Lemon Broccolini, Horseradish Sauce

-Cooked to PERFECTION! You can definitely taste the difference of the quality in meat. So tender and juicy.



Lemon Panna Cotta, Peach Marmalade, Berries, Candied Kumquats

-This is very light and fresh, the perfect finish to a perfect start


Thanks to Beretta Kitchen for the amazing experience!