For 2018 we are seeing a fresh influx of innovative wedding décor and flower ideas. While there are some timeless traditions you will want to stick with, adding some of these exciting changes to your wedding will truly personalize your special day.

The Colour of the Year

Pantone’s colour of the year selection is generally a good predictor of wedding trends. The 2018 colour of the year has been revealed and it is ultra violet. Go bold and moody with shades of purple and violet in your bouquets, floral arrangements and centerpieces.

Floral Installations

We started to see this trend in the fashionable weddings of 2017, but we expect a resurgence in 2018. Hanging greenery or flowers over your table creates a visually dynamic space and frees up room on your table if you are opting for sharing plates during your reception.

Copper Accents

In 2017, the metallic accent of choice was rose gold. Metallics are not going away, but are moving to more an industrial look with copper. Copper is also a wonderfully reflective material, so candle and tea light holders will be key. Include copper in cutlery, chairs, and even ribbons. If you are having an autumn wedding, copper is a wonderful choice.

Transparent Elements

2018 will see an uptick in see-through settings and venues, like greenhouses, and décor. Think bright places, with copious amounts of natural light; Perspex hanging seating plans, semi-transparent paper for printed materials, and glass.

It is Not Just Flowers, But Vessels:

With the influx of copper accents and moody purple being the colour of the year, 2018 will see an eclectic mix of new and old trends. Cut glass, concrete, and vintage vases will all be focal elements that are “must haves” when considering your floral décor. For those brides who want to err on the side of traditional, go with pastels with just a splash of color.

Wedding Wreaths

We often think of wreaths as Christmas decoration, but 2018 will see a surge of their use in weddings throughout every season – not just winter. Eucalyptus, wild flowers, and wispy grass will add a touch of bohemian flair that will mesh well with even more traditionally-styled weddings. 

Potted Plants Instead of Cut Flowers

Potted plants are a more environmentally-friendly option for brides wishing to make their weddings greener. In 2018, expect to see more potted plants used not just at the ceremony location, but at the reception as well.

Wedding Venues

Open space are the by-words for 2018. Many couples will opt to have their wedding in museums, industrial lofts, or on sheltered rooftops. 2018 will also see smaller, more focused guest lists; open venues will make the wedding and reception feel more intimate.

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