Technology has been progressing so fast that it’s no surprise that it’s made its way into the wedding industry. Brides and Grooms now have many ways to make their weddings cool and trendy, as well as memorable. From 3D printing to tracking your heart rate, here are some of the ways you can make your wedding more tech savvy!

Ringly has designed a ring that makes it easier for the bride to enjoy every moment of her big day! The ring connects to your phone via bluetooth and vibrates to notify you if you receive a text or a phone call, it’s a great way to be keep in touch with your brides maids or family members without having to have your phone out. The ring comes in various precious and semi-precious stones, with a 18k matte gold plated setting. It’s the perfect gift to give to your brides maids!

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Imagine if you could see what your exact heart rate was the moment you walked down the aisle? Now you can, using something high end like an Apple Watch or a regular FitBit bracelet. Wear it for the entire day to see the stats later and see when the exact moment was when it clicked for you! What is even cooler is that you could create a heartbeat timeline of your day and your fiancee’s and blow it up into a work of art to hang in your new home! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also turn it into a cool new tattoo! Choose something from the Tory Burch Fitbit collection or the Swarovski misfit collection for something glam to match with your wedding dress – no one would ever guess it was a piece of technology!

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The culinary world has caught the 3D printing trend, add cool and customised 3-D printed shapes to the sides and top of your wedding cake to make it cool, edgy and modern. You can even add a customised cake topper. You don’t have to be in a Disney movie to have a animated magical cake! With the new highly creative technique of video mapping  you can now have unique creative designs projected onto your wedding cake. Check out the video below to see what it would look like!

Take the 3-D printing a step further and customise a 3-D printed candy bar! Some 3-D printing companies set up shop at the reception and create “mini-me” wedding favours for your guests. The printing tools can capture your guess measurements in a few seconds and print out tiny action figure versions of them – You can then use these to create fun and unique photos! The groom can also get customised cufflinks for him and his groomsmen to funk up their attire.

  3D-FOOD    eternal_love_cufflinks    image

Your wedding day is a day where you want to remember every special moment, this can be difficult because it goes by so quickly! Although your photographer will capture the highlights of the day, make it even more special by capturing the day from your vantage point and being able to relive the day any time you want. You can do this in a couple different ways, you can ask your florist to incorporate a mini camera into your bridal bouquet or if you’re daring you can opt for one of the wearable technology wedding veils, designed by royal milliner, Rosie Olivia. This is the perfect to see everything in a up close and personal way from the look on your groom’s face to the exchange of your vows.

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Photo booths and selfie sticks are still trending, however take technology to another level by using drones to get shots that are impossible with a camera or hiding a camera somewhere at the reception to catch guests in their most candid moments! Live streaming has also become a popular trend, this way family and friends who aren’t able to make it can still be part of the big day! You could also have your guests Instagram pictures projected live all over your dance floor to make things fun and interactive!!!

RuminaAbout the Author: Rumina grew up in Tanzania and did her undergraduate in London, England before moving to Toronto in 2014. Her background in Event and Interior Design helps her visualise an event space to help the client create a memorable experience.  She has experience in working with floral design and decor for weddings, as well as other corporate and social events.


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