In order to properly understand a band’s musical stylings, you often have to compare them to one or multiple other acts. For example one might say Lady Gaga has the strong femininity of Madonna, the piano songwriting style of Elton John, and the experimentalism of David Bowie. Sometimes the band can very clearly paying homage to their influences either consciously or subconsciously, or the styling comes from the mixture of talent in the band. The types of instrumentation and how the musicians play their instrument can really reflect the style of music.

Lady Gaga, Madonna, Elton John, David Bowie

Fusion Event’s has been curating a roster of talent for ten plus years. From our early days of God Made Me Funky to some of our latest additions to the roster like Freedom Train. Fusion Events has built relationships with some of the most skillful and professional musicians in the Greater Toronto Area. In doing so has acquired a very well rounded roster of talent for any style of event wether it be a wedding or corporate event.

Here are a handful of bands that we represent, and how we’d best compare them to popular bands of past and present:

God Made Me Funky 


Bruno Mars / Taylor Swift / Kendrick Lammar

Have you ever taken a bunch ingredients that you individually loved, put them all together and found they are like having a party in your mouth. That’s what God Made Me Funky is all about. Imagine for a minute a super group made up of Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lammar. You have the funky soulfulness of Bruno, The poppy heartfelt-ness of Tylor and the raw grit of Kendrik, and stick them all together and you’ll feel like you’re at the Grammys. If I had to describe GMMF in one word it would be fun. They demonstrate, in order for the audience to have the upmost fun, the band needs to be having just as much, if not more. That means bringing the party to the stage. Have a large band with a good variety of instruments and skills, ready for any mood that might strike the audience. From blaring saxophone to spitting rap, GMMF is the swiss army knife of bands.




Robin Thicke / Justin Timberlake / Maroon 5

We ll the same things they think of when they think of Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake or Maroon 5. They imagine a suave handsome man in a fine suit serenading you. Now I know what you’re thinking, I just can’t fly in a band like that to play my wedding / event. Well you’re right, you don’t. You can have something just as good, if not better, and their name is Shugga. For the past 10 years Shugga, one of Toronto’s leading cover bands, winning multiple awards and having residence at venues like Joe Mamas and Bar Italia. When people think of Shugga, they often think of the front man Mike Ferfolia. Most people actually call him Shugga in conversation. Mike is a an extremely charismatic and skillful singer with an incredible range. Some how he manages to sing any song just like the actual artist but with a bit of a Shugga twist. Not only is Mike an incredible singer and entertainer, but the band is built of some of Toronto’s finest studio and touring musicians who have worked with the likes of Nelly Furtado’s band, Thornley, Serena Ryder, Bedouin Soundclash,  Johnny Reid, Esthero, Jully Black and vocalists such as Divine Brown, Alana Bridgewater (We Will Rock You),  Janelle Monique, or  Selena Evangeline.


Freedom Train 


Led Zeppelin / Rush / Pink Floyd

Living and breathing the spirit of a 1970’s hard rock, this power trio from Hamilton Ontario are tearing their way through the Toronto music scene. While most kids who grew up listening to bands such as Led Zeppelin, Rush and Pink Floyd – Some of the most influential bands to ever exist – not a lot of bands can do them justice. Freedom Train does more than pay homage to them or does a sloppy knock off to them, they are note to note identical. If you were to close your eyes, you would have guest that you just hoped in to a time machine and wound up at the best rock show to ever exist. Considering they are only three guys, they produce a shocking amount of sound and energy. Not to mention they look like rock stars. I bet you if you took any major rock band from the past 30 odd years and sat them down to watch a Freedom Train concert, they would all be stunned to hear the music they are listening isn’t being produced by themselves. While bands age, break up or just get down right sloppy, Freedom Train is getting tighter and tighter.


BPM Krew 


Beastie Boyz / LMFAO / Miley Cyrus

Wild and crazy parties need wild and crazy music. You need that music pumping non stop. DJs are good for that, I’ll grant you that. But nothing beats having a live act to really grab peoples attention. That’s where BPM Krew steps up to the plate. They seamlessly interweave tracks, mashing them up in long strands of medleys, constantly surprising the audience with another song up their sleeve. Bands like these only come around every blue moon. A true example of a band that can really amp ups their audience in their live performances is hiphop legend the Beastie Boys. They brought a new level of fun and excitement to the live show by really giving the people what they want. In more recent years we’ve been introduced to a more hyper version of what Beastie Boys were doing, and they came in the form of LMFAO. Two guys who didn’t take themselves too seriously and stuck to what they knew best, how to party. And just when you thought that things couldn’t get any more wild and crazy, here comes former Disney princess Miley Cyrus. Her shows are down right outrageous. To the point of controversy. However you know when you go to see her live, you are in for a night you’ll never forget.


Julian Taylor Band 


Stevie Wonder / Lenny Kravitz / Ben Harper

Do you ever see an artist on stage and think to yourself – this person’s got something special. Some artists out the bleed talent. It’s a gift only a few a blessed with. I would love to go to a party and see Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz, Ben Harper and Julian Taylor, all standing in the same room. I think they would find out how similar they are. With a combination of Blues, Folk, Roots, Rock, and Funk, their songs are made to move people both physically and emotionally. Weather it be a piano, electric guitar or the lap slide guitar, no matter what the strings are plucked, the music is meant to pull at your heart strings. Not only can Julian Taylor play all the hit songs of today’s charts and yesteryear’s classics, but you can also find him playing original tunes at gigs all around Toronto.