I first met with Allan and Derek at Allan’s Bay St. office. It felt like a job interview for Google. They drilled with me questions about wedding planning, my experience, event design etc. I was honest with them that I had never planned a gay wedding. I thought I did a pretty good job at the meeting. I answered quickly, confidently and with authority.  Nope. I didn’t get the job. After following up a few times they emailed me to say they had gone in a different direction. A few months later Derek called me. He told me that they had gotten nowhere trying to plan the wedding themselves and they asked if they could change their minds and hire me for full planning. I agreed.

Being a Gay wedding, and my first one, I definitely learned a lot throughout the process. Some traditions and wedding terminology don’t necessarily apply to two men. I definitely had to get my mind out of “Bridal” mode. I settled into my role quickly however and the planning was a lot of fun. Allan and Derek are a wonderful couple, you can see their lighthearted personalities in the pictures below. We had many long conversations over dinner and wine and they were truly a pleasure to work with. Their wedding was urban, colourful, fun, and unique….with hints of Canadiana (all the guests were from NYC and Brazil).  I hope you enjoy some teasers from our friends at Renaissance Studios.


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Toronto Wedding Planner ArthurKArthurK, WPICC –  has a long history of being involved in the events industry. As one of the founding members of the Juno Nominated band God Made Me Funky, ArthurK has been attending weddings and events regularly since the age of 17. Having worked in many facets of the events industry and with some of the best suppliers, vendors, venues, and event planners in the country and abroad, ArthurK has mastered what works and what doesn’t when it comes to event planning and entertaining.  Specializing in trendy, high-end, extravagant weddings, ArthurK is able to offer his clients much more than the average planner. By combining his many talents in music, entertainment, production and planning, Arthur is changing the face of wedding planning in Toronto. An urban wedding planner with a modern, forward-thinking approach, ArthurK makes his mark as a visionary, artistic and dedicated figure, both as an event planner to his clients and as an inspiring leader to his team members.