There are a great deal of decisions that need to be made when planning your perfect wedding. One of the most important choices you and your fiancé will have to make is about the stationary. Your wedding invitation is the first impression that your guests will have about your special day, and it gives them their first glimpse about what to expect.


Save-the-dates should go out to your guests anywhere from six to eight months before your wedding. This is a great opportunity to start getting paper samples and to consider many of your options for your invitations. Save-the-dates do not have to match your final invitation, but using the same stationer can ensure that you receive consistent quality and service.


Your invitations should be consistent with your chosen colour palette. You would not, for instance, opt for a deep burgundy-coloured stationary if your wedding colours are soft blues. With myriad stationary options to choose from, you can be assured that you will find the exact hue that you need.


The style of your invitation should also remain consistent with the theme of the wedding. If you have not finalized a theme for your wedding, the invitation you choose can often help you decide other style choices.

  • For more glam and modern weddings, you might consider atypical stationary sizes, like squares, with a heavy font style and simple lines.
  • For more traditional weddings, a cream-coloured linen stationary in standard invitation sizes, like 4.5-inch-by-6.5-inch rectangles, would be a good choice. Also consider using a font style that resembles calligraphy.
  • For couples that are more sentimental and plan to include personally significant designs and memories in their wedding, photo invitations should be an option to consider.

You may want to include personal touches in your invitations such as icons that signify something important to your couple story. Perhaps you might create a custom duogram or monogram that can serve as the logo for your wedding.

Paper Stock and Printing Quality

It is recommended that you order invitations between four and six months before you need to mail them out to your guests (six to eight weeks before the big day – even earlier if you are having a destination wedding). Before you order your invitations, make sure to look at as many stationary samples as you can. This will ensure that you find quality paper stock. You would not want to have your beautifully conceptualized wedding invitation on standard stock paper.

Also make note of the different methods for printing invitations and the differences between them. These methods include: offset printing, lithography, digital, desktop laser and inkjet; letterpress, embossing, letterpress, and engraving. How you choose to have your invitations printed may dictate the paper stock that you can use.

With so many wedding invitation styles to choose from, with the help of your Toronto wedding planner, you will be able to find the perfect invitation that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. For more invitation ideas and assistance finding the right stationer and invitations, arrange a consultation appointment, or call Fusion Events at 416-651-3873 today!