Get Your Attendees Playing! Gamifying Your Next Event

By 2020, the gamification market is expected to be an 11 billion dollar industry and it’s easy to see why. The gamification of corporate events is one of the hottest trends, especially when you can incorporate live music, customized playlists, and interactive real-time games! If you are wondering how to gamify your next corporate event, we are here to help!

Technology Meets Live Music to Create Unforgettable Events

To create unforgettably exciting events, you need the best kind of soundtrack. You want your attendees to have a great time, but it can be tricky to find the right kind of live band or DJ — and make sure the set list is tailored to your event. That’s where uRequestLive (uRL) comes in.

new live entertainment technology

uRL elevates event entertainment. Featured on celebrity event planner Michael Cerebelli’s “The Hot List 2019,” uRequestLive brings all the excitement of an incredibly talented 10 piece band and combines it with the latest in interactive technology to create an experience that your attendees will absolutely love.

Gamification – Elevated

Event attendees can request songs from a curated list through touch screen “jukeboxes,” or through their own smartphones, while interacting with the band real-time, ensuring that the fun never stops!

If you have attended or planned a corporate event, you know that games will be played. But getting attendees excited to participate in the usual scavenger hunts or name tag switch can be a challenge. So why not skip the usual? Take your event gamification to the next level by introducing your audience to the thrill of TimePlay. TimePlay’s patented entertainment technology is a fully interactive event gaming experience, allowing event planners to brand and customize games for their events.

Keep Them Talking Long After the Event is Over 

Attendees will be absolutely excited to connect and compete for prizes and bragging rights, which will drive audience engagement and participation. But it is not just about games – TimePlay allows you to customize interactive content and experiential social interactions, too. This keeps your attendees connected and engaged throughout your event.

uRequestLive and TimePlay have teamed up to create a truly amazing event experience for your attendees. Combining the thrill of live interactive gaming and social engagement with an unforgettable music experience, your attendees can create custom event memories from their smart devices. Entertaining gamification, live polling, and real-time leaderboards all set to the soundtrack created by your attendees’ requests! What more could you want from a corporate event? Using the power of these technologies will take your next event to the next level.

Plus, event attendees will anxiously look forward to your next event. Whether you are launching a new product, planning a corporate charity event, or celebrating your employees with a night just for them, remember to include uRL and TimePlay.

To learn more about both of these event-enhancing technologies, help planning your event, and access to some of the hottest live performers and DJs around, please feel free to contact Fusion Events at 416-651-3873 today!