Today it is not at all uncommon to find couples waiting until after they have children before getting married. Other couples may be remarrying or getting married for the first time, after being in previous relationships, and bringing children into the union. Whether you are finally tying the knot or blending your families, here are some great tips for including your children in your wedding day.

Make a Family Crest

If you or your beloved, or even one of your kids, is artistically inclined, designing your new family crest is a beautiful symbol of the union of your families. You can also find an image or design that has meaning, or turn your initials into a monogram. Once you have found the perfect design, incorporate it into lapel pins, rings, or pendants that the whole family can wear.

Include Some of the Kids’ Favorites

Does your child have a favourite colour? Why not make it the palette for your wedding theme. Turn your children’s favourite snacks into a candy bar for guests to enjoy. Have your caterer include a special menu item featuring your child’s name. Incorporating some of your child’s favourites into your wedding will make him or her feel included and extra special.

Include Your Children in the Ceremony

If your child or children are old enough, consider asking them to stand in as your Maid of Honor or Best Man. This is an especially wonderful gesture if the step-mom-to-be is asking her stepdaughter to stand in for this important role, or the step-dad-to-be is asking his stepson. For the bride, consider having your children “give you away.”

The wedding ceremony is also the perfect time for the new stepparent to reaffirm their devotion and commitment to their new son or daughter. Have a unity ceremony with candles or candy, if the children are too young to safely handle candles. If your ceremony does not leave much room for augmentation, make a special toast to the kids during the reception.

Give Your Children a Special “Morning Of” Gift

It is common for brides and grooms to exchange mementos and gifts before the wedding, so why not include the kids? Choose something that they will really love or that will become a treasured memory of your wedding for your children. To make it extra special, make sure to include a note about how much you love them.

Make a Child Section on Your Wedding Web Site

Let your guests know how important your children are by including a special section about them. Include pictures, anecdotes, and other fun facts about your children. Does your child have a favourite restaurant or place to visit? Mention that on your site so out-of-town guests will have “hot” recommendations.

Your wedding is the beginning of a beautiful new chapter in the story of your family. The certified wedding planners at Fusion Events are here to help you plan the perfect wedding for your blended family. Arrange a consultation appointment, or call Fusion Events at 416-651-3873 today!