Innovative Event Entertainment - uREQUEST LIVE

World-renowned event entertainment concept, uRequest Live, is changing the way audiences interact with music at events creating more engagement and interactivity.
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Innovative event entertainment is an essential part of any corporate event or wedding reception. Accounting for a variety of individual tastes while also ensuring the right tone is set can be especially challenging. But that does not have to be the case any longer! Since their debut, uRequest Live has been one of Toronto’s top-most requested live entertainers for corporate events and weddings.
Taking the Toronto and international event entertainment scene by storm, uRequest Live has blazed a new trail in experiential live music entertainment combined with innovative technologies. Featured on Michael Cerbelli’s “The Hot List” in 2019 and 2020, uRequest Live transcends traditional live music entertainment by combining the extraordinary talents of a ten-piece core band with smart technologies to create a truly fun, one-of-a-kind engaging experience.

This unique blend of music and tech is the perfect solution for events, weddings, and entertainment or other celebratory gatherings. Providing a truly customizable experience for each event, uRequest Live brings curated live musical talent and an all-encompassing set list of hundreds of songs to your wedding celebration or other events.


Audiences can request a song from touchscreen kiosks set up by the stage or multiple kiosks set up around the venue. Guests may also request songs directly from their mobile devices. Setlists can be tailored to fit a theme or genre, and can be timed so ensure optimal audience engagement.

Additionally, you can choose to enable messaging so guests can send the band messages for dedications or shout outs. What truly gets your guests engaged is attempting to get their requests higher in the queue. The more requests a song receives, the higher it moves up the queue.

The band can see which songs are the most in-demand by the audience and will play the songs in order of popularity. Audience members can essentially control which songs are requested the most through the uRequest Live app, ensuring that what they want to hear is what will be played.

uRequest Live’s event app is a dream come true for wedding and event hosts who want to provide an immersive entertainment experience for guests. For instance, one customized app feature allows for a push notification to be sent to all attendess to prompt them to make requests.


Delighting audiences across Canada and the US, uRequest Live will bring its unforgettable show to your next event. For more information about uRequest Live or help with planning your wedding or next event, contact the certified wedding planners, event coordinators and talent management at Fusions Events in Toronto by calling 416-825-4938 today!