Who We Are

In all industries, true purveyors seek to reinvent the classics. uRequestLive has not only sought, but truly achieved, reinvention and gamification of innovative event technology.

Pioneers of live music experiences, uRequestLive uses the latest in technology to engage and interact with audiences in a way never yet achieved by the melding of music and machine. It is an immersive and memorable experience that event-goers will not soon forget.


uRequestLive seamlessly blends trendsetting technology with a real live band experience to generate audience interaction, engagement and friendly competition!

new live entertainment technology

Our clients are hip, forward-thinking, experientially driven music consumers. They crave interactivity tied to incredible music to build memories.

Customization on the fly is now a thing and you can find it from uRequestLive, a 10-piece band of world class musicians who mix, twist, and take requests in advance of your event. Combined with patented video and app technology, guests can pick and choose what keeps your dance floor filled and your brand or event top of mind.

So how does it work? With a song list of over 400 hit songs spanning all genres and eras, the band mixes on the fly and flows seamlessly from song to song with sheet music instantly uploaded to their iPads when a request is made. In addition to live requests, music videos and gamified content also play in sync on screens behind them.

In 20 years, we have never had as many people dancing or engaged as we did with URL…People were flocking the kiosks and making requests all night.

-Fidelity Investments

What We Do

Forward thinking clients, Shire Pharmaceuticals, embedded our Request App with their own Event App allowing them to send a push notification to guests 15 minutes prior to doors opening to submit their music requests for the band. Company and guests loved how the App seamlessly blended into their already created Event App and extended the event experience beyond the four walls of their venue.

uRequestLive has inspired a whole new generation of event goers with companies like Cornerstone OnDemand utilizing the band concept as event inspiration. Cornerstone OnDemand featured signage at their event encouraging guests to make requests with the slogan “Party Like It’s Your Job”. They also received customized wristbands with the request website link printed on them to further personalize the event.

“I have been booking talent for many years and have worked with some of the top names and most innovative performers of our time. It is without question that uRequestLive is pioneering new technology.

– Danny Bergold, About Entertainment

Index Exchange hosted an 80’s Prom themed event with on-theme branding surrounding uRequestLive request kiosks. Cards were also handed out saying “Don’t Like This Song? Pick A New One!” with the web URL attached so that guests could make requests. Guests interacted and were requesting and up-voting their favourite songs and engaged with the band directly via messages.

The Future

In 2018, a partnership with TimePlay (The App Game played in every major Cineplex theatre across Canada) materialized to create gamified content. Guests control the content designed to go along with the band displayed on large screens using their smartphones. For example, uRequestLive’s “Dance off Game” allows the app tho measure your body movement as you dance. The harder you dance, the further ahead you move on the leaderboard screen. Engagement is watching guests groove as hard as they can to the band while eyeing their screen to see their position so that they can out-dance each other. Interactivity can be coupled with a unique concept to deliver prizing far more sophisticated than a raffle. uRequestLive is the first band in the world to use this kind of technology and they are changing the landscape of live entertainment.

uRequestLive is set to innovate again with apps being built to increase fundraising at charitable events, trading small donations for song requests. Stay tuned to see what else we have in store!