Congratulations on your engagement! Hopefully your proposal was everything you dreamed of and your fiancée took the time to get advice from an experienced wedding and proposal planner in Toronto. Now that you are engaged, there are several things you will have to do before your special day to ensure you can be legally married.

Whether you are planning your wedding venue at a location in the Greater Toronto Area or are leaning towards a destination wedding at some exotic location, you will still need to complete these items before walking down the aisle and saying your “I dos.”

1. File for a marriage license. In order to make the marriage legal, you need a license. In many cases, only one person has to submit the application for the license. However, you may have to appear in person and provide documentation including:

  • Passport
  • Driver License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Citizenship Card
  • Immigrations/IMM Forms
  • Permanent Resident Card

It is recommend to call ahead to find out exactly what documents you need, as well as the cost to submit the application, which is currently $140. The application fee is nonrefundable and is considered a “valid” document once you receive it. However, the license will expire in three months if you are not married within this time.

2. Book your wedding’s officiant. Whether you choose a marriage commissioner or a religious professional, you will want to make sure one is available for your special day. Not only do they perform your ceremony, but are also responsible for signing the marriage license.

TIP: If your wedding is on a prime day or time, like on a Saturday or between 3 PM and 5 PM, remember to work with your wedding planner to ensure you book your officiant right away.

3. Find two witnesses to sign your license. Along with your officiant, you will need two witnesses to sign the license, too. You will probably have no problems finding willing volunteers among the wedding party. In the event, you are worried about you family and friends fighting over who gets to be your witnesses, another option is to ask your wedding planners instead, as this will alleviate any potential arguments between friends and family.

4. File your completed marriage license. You have 48-hours from the time you are married to file your license. In most cases, your officiant or wedding planner will ensure this is taken care of on your behalf so you can enjoy your honeymoon! Once filed, the wedding is registered and you will receive a marriage certificate showing you are legally married.

As you can see, obtaining a marriage license and filing for a marriage certificate is not a difficult process, but can be time consuming if you lack the necessary documentation. For assistance in planning your engagement and wedding, or assistance in helping obtain your marriage license, please contact the certified wedding planners, here at Fusion Events by calling 416-651-3873 today!