Wedding Ceremony

Planning multicultural weddings in Toronto is magical and spectacular. There are many decisions to be made and sometimes that can be stressful, especially when two different cultures are involved. Why have it be a headache? Infuse both cultures together! A win/win for everyone!!

There may be specific traditions and customs that hold special meaning to you and your family and that you want to make sure takes place on your big day. Whether it is jumping the broom, which is most often found in African- American weddings or wearing a white kimono part of Japanese tradition. There are many and easy ways to bring your two cultures together.

Compromising and being open with each other and with your families is key to success. But most importantly decide as a couple what means most to you. What traditions do you want to be carried forward in your new family?

Incorporating colour is a fantastic way to achieve blending of two cultures. This can be achieved through the décor, the floral arrangements and even attire!

For a Scottish wedding, if you don’t want the groom and groomsmen to wear the traditional green/blue and black checkered kilt, instead you could incorporate this pattern through bowties, floral arrangement or even ribbon for the table cards.

Wedding Table Arrangement. Scottish Theme


Picking out your wedding attire usually comes with a long list of rituals and traditions in any culture. Whether it being “something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new” there are many different ways to incorporate this.

Bride with bridesmaids in back

A bride should feel and look her best on this day, so deciding what to wear is entirely up to you. Interpret culture by the brides wedding dress. Every culture has its own  version of wedding attire, which are all beautiful and rich. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of wearing a big poofy ball gown, but want to also wear the traditional attire. Change into the bold and colorful South Asian sari or silk Japanese kimono. An outfit change could be great idea, one for the ceremony and one for the reception.

Blue Background with Bride and Groom in Traditional Wedding Attire


In Mexican tradition bold and bright colors are usually used. Having your flowers bouquet bursting with colour can be a fun way to show your culture. Don’t let the traditional way scary you, it is okay to mix things up a bit!

Bride & Bridesmaid with Colorful bouquets


The Ceremony

Coming from different background language can be a factor. Why not has the ceremony in both native languages? Jewish weddings most of the times are spoke in Hebrew and English. Another idea that would involve more planning but very possible is to have two ceremonies on the same day. Respecting both family’s culture and religion.

Bride and groom on shoulders at reception

The Reception
This time is the same in any culture. TIME TO PARTY! Doesn’t matter your background or your age everyone loves music and dancing! Having short sets from both cultures is an ideal way to blend everything together.

Bride and groom drumming at reception

The zaffe is a cultural dance that takes place at weddings in the Arab world and specifically in Lebanon.

Food can be an easy and effective way in combining two cultures too!

At the end of the day, putting all things to the side, all that matters is the celebrations and love for the newlyweds.

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