You had the perfect proposal. You have planned the perfect wedding. Now it is time to show your beloved that you think they are the perfect partner by choosing the perfect wedding day gift. Whether you decide for more sentimental or funny gifts, or little gestures throughout the day to show you care, a wedding day gift will represent the love you and your partner share. Not sure where to start? The top Toronto wedding planners at Fusion Events are here to help!

Add to Their Collection

Does your soon-to-be spouse collect something? Take a look at their collection and find a missing piece and present it to them on your wedding day. There is no better way to say, “I love you and your crazy obsessions.” Added bonus: finding a piece of their collection that ties into the theme of your wedding!


Jewelry may seem like the easy way out, but a touch of something sparkly is never a bad choice. If you are buying jewelry that you would like the bride to wear on the wedding day, check in with her mom or Maid of Honor – your soon-to-be Mrs. may have already purchased her bridal accessories. If she has, choose a piece that will compliment her look and that she can wear after the wedding.


Personalized cuff-links for the groom will add a sentimental touch to his wardrobe. If your guy is not a cuff-links type, consider getting him a watch. You can have the back of the watch engraved with a sweet message that will remind him of your special day. For an extra sentimental touch, add a note that says, “See you at 4 o’clock” or whatever time the wedding starts.

Traveling Love Notes

It is always a lovely idea to send each other love notes throughout the day, as you are getting ready. Why not include one that your beloved can carry with them in their purse or wallet? A wallet-sized custom card can be carried with them as a reminder of your wedding – and the lifetime of happiness ahead of you.

It’s the Little Things

It is said that a good marriage is made up of countless little gestures that show you care. Why not start of your marriage by planning a series of “little things” throughout your wedding day. Have their favorite coffee delivered to them in the morning, have flowers delivered, or have a bottle of their favorite liquor sent to them to toast the wedding. Extra “best spouse” points if you can time your gestures when you know your intended may be needing extra support.

Our team of certified wedding planners at Fusion Events are here to help you make one of the most important days of your life the most memorable. For more ideas or help planning your perfect wedding, arrange a consultation appointment, or call Fusion Events at 416-651-3873 today!