Planning a wedding or corporate event?!

There is no better way to get everyone attentive and involved than watching live entertainment! Who doesn’t love live entertainment? The answer is no one, because everyone does!!!

An event is all about atmosphere, but sometimes can be difficult creating that. When planning your wedding or a corporate event, you want your attendees to have a great time. It needs to be fun and memorable and an event that you’re family friends/everyone in the office will be talking about for the next year! AND WE HAVE THAT PERFECT ENTERTAINMENT FOR YOU! Pixel Poi!!

Pixel Poi Toronto!

Terrence Drake and Isabella Hoops have teamed up together and created an amazing high energy choreographed LED pixel duet! The show features LED pixel poi, led hula-hoops and even acrobatics. This Duet is perfect for weddings, special events and corporate events. This evocative and illuminating performance is sure to amaze audiences of all ages! Everyone will have fun watching lights sparkle before their eyes!

Swinging Pixel Poi fire

What is PIXEL POI you might ask?

Pixel poi is a brand new technology and performance in North America and Terrence Drake has brought it to Toronto! It is a revolutionary prop and guess what!? The animation has the ability to be totally customized!

Pixel Poi is perfect for marketing activations, social, and corporate eventsl. Imagine having your company logo lit up and flashed before everyones eyes or show your gratitude with your sponsors logo!


pixel poi toronto

For a wedding there are endless ways to customize and creative something special for your big day! Have a message to your guests, or even to each other -Bride & Groom, it could even be a surprise. Or you could even flash Mr. & Mrs. (And you’re last name)!!! Being able to do this makes the performance feel personal and just for you and your guests!

Isabella Hoops is unbelievable. The hula hoops have the top LED lights, but her talent is what really brings the room to life!

With their custom costumes and dazzling props, this dynamic duo for sure can not be missed. Let Pixel Poi turn sparkles into magic!

Spinning LED Hula Hoops