The summertime is one of the busiest times of years for weddings. Many couples choose to say their “I do’s” in an outdoor setting because it adds to the elegance, beauty and charm of the wedding ceremony. Not to mention, many newly married couples want to extend the outdoors and incorporate them into their reception, too.

Ensuring your outdoor wedding and reception is a success requires some careful planning and execution long before the actual date of the ceremony. To help you start thinking about what you need to consider when planning your upcoming nuptials, our certified Toronto wedding planners are pleased to offer the following tips and suggestions:

1. Choose a location that has meaning for you and your fiancé. Some couples pick the spot where they first met, shared a picnic, or holds some other significant romantic meaning.

2. Have a list of three or four outdoor locations you would like ranked in order of importance. Depending on the location and the date and time you want to get married, you may not always be able to get your first choice, so it is a good idea to have several places you both would consider for your outdoor wedding day and reception.

3. Make a backup plan in case of rain. Since you are planning your wedding several months or even a year or more in advance, it is a good idea to have an alternate solution should Mother Nature decide not to cooperate on your special day.

Some people opt to use huge party tents or find an indoor location where the vendor can accommodate the couple’s needs in the event of rain. Keep in mind if it is just sprinkling lightly, or overcast and cloudy, many couples still get married outdoors and celebrate outdoors. A little rain is not going to stop them from enjoying themselves on their special day.

4. Develop a design idea for decorating the outdoor space. Unlike indoor locations, you may not have a few days to decorate ahead of time. Rather, you may only have a few hours in some cases. Knowing ahead of time where you want flowers, wedding arches, runners, banners, and so on placed ensures everything is set up correctly and in plenty of time.

5. Remember to decorate the reception area. Some couples overlook carrying their wedding theme and colours into the outdoor reception area. There are tons of different decorating ideas you can choose from, depending on whether you are using a party tent, canopy, or no coverings at all.

6. Verify what your wedding entertainment will need to set up outdoors. In most cases, they will need access to electricity, but not always. In addition, they may request you provide a covered area for them to perform, or have other special requirements for performing outdoors.

Fortunately, all of these tips and suggestions are just some of the numerous things your certified wedding planners will assist you with, here at Fusion Events. Please feel free to call us at 416-651-3873 today to schedule an initial consultation!