Popular and Trendy Wedding Dress Colours Besides White

When you think about shopping for your wedding dress, the first colour that pops into most brides-to-be’s heads is white. White is the traditional bridal favourite with seas of dresses on racks at bridal shops just waiting to be gone through in hopes of finding the perfect one, just like you did when you found your beloved partner.

For some future brides and grooms, they want their special day to be about them and what they want, so they move away from traditional white wedding dresses and consider other options in a variety of colours. There is nothing wrong with wearing a wedding dress that is not white down the aisle to say your “I do’s.”


Shades of Pink

Different shades of pink from blush to champagne are trending right now. Pink is the second most popular colour choice of wedding gown, just behind white and is continuing to close this gap.


Hues of Blues

From powder blue to royal blue, blue wedding dresses are very popular right now. Toss in some white or gold accents on the dress and it even much more stunning.



Black is the New White

Some brides and even famous celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker have gone with black for their wedding dress colour choice. While some people might find the idea a bit outside their comfort zones, for others, they like the idea of going to the direct opposite of white.



Yellows and Gold

Pale yellows are another popular wedding dress colour brides are picking. Partly because it gives the sense of wearing something different, but at the same time offers a feeling that is close to wearing white down the aisle.

With golden wedding dresses, these are rich in detail and can incorporate different shades of yellows. They have been made trendy thanks to a certain Disney film and young brides want to wear that same elegant and stunning dress down the aisle on their special day.




This deep reddish colour is a popular choice among brides who are getting married in the fall or winter. It complements the fall colours as the leaves are changing and is a great contrast to snowy white backdrops.




A new arrival on the wedding dress scene is purple. Different shades of purples have been rather popular as bridesmaids colours for quite some time, but recently some brides have decide to choose this colour for their wedding dress. One trending option is to use pale purple, which looks like a rich pink, and accent it with floral patterns. Gold and white accents also work well with purple wedding dresses.




If you want to keep some of the tradition of wearing a white wedding dress, but want colour too, ombré is very “in” right now. This is where you add a secondary colour while keeping the tradition of the white dress as the primary colour.


As you can see, you have several different choices for wedding dress colours besides white. For more wedding dress ideas and assistance in planning your wedding, please feel free to contact the Toronto certified wedding planners at Fusion Events by calling 416-651-3873 today!





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