The BPM Krew is not your typical wedding band. Listening to BPM Krew has been known to cause increased blood pressure and heart palpitations.  Other symptoms of listening to BPM KREW include but are not limited to: uncontrollable foot tapping, gyration of the hip, muscle spasms, and dancing your ass off and possibly embarrassing yourself infront of your family or coworkers. Please consult a physician before listening to BPM Krew and use at you own risk.

The BPM KREW is a LIVE MASHUP BAND from Toronto, Canada. The 6-piece band has played colleges, universities, clubs and festivals across North America, and served as opening act for artists such as SEAN KINGSTON and KARDINAL OFFISHALL.

The concept of the BPM Krew is simple: “WE REPLACE THE DJ“. While they don’t mean this in a complete literal sense, it’s the art of DJ’ing that the BPM Krew emulates. ANYTHING THE DJ CAN DO by seamlessly weaving, mixing and mashing up club songs, they can do with LIVE MUSICIANS.

By balancing the sounds of the crowd’s favourite club bangers with unique mash-ups and transitions, the Krew creates the SAME ATMOSPHERE THAT A DJ DOES. However by performing the music live, they give the crowd the closest thing to seeing their favourite music artists on stage all at the same time. This combination creates a truly NEXT-LEVEL LIVE MUSIC EXPERIENCE.