Emotionally Charged. High Energy Performance


There are very few names that can promise you won’t leave their gravitational pull without undergoing some kind of transformative emotional experience, and one of those names is Dr. Draw. The Moscow born electric violinist moved to Canada with his family in 1992, and learned his craft busking on the streets of Toronto where he earned his stage moniker as a healer of the spirit. Impossible to ignore, Dr. Draw was often solely responsible for bringing the people he encountered out of their somber mood and into a sunny one. Notable accomplishments include opening for Drake, John Legend, Shaggy and 2 cellos.

“Dr. Draw stole the show with his infectious performance of high energy, piping out a mix of classical and house musical sounds from his electric violin. The show allegedly literally brought some to tears
Newsweekly, Boston

Virtual Events Do Not = BORING

Let’s face it. Virtual meetings and events can be boring and it’s more and more difficult to keep people engaged. Our live virtual entertainment brings energy, inspires, and connects audiences with your purpose in a fun and interactive way.