Pixel Poi Toronto

Fusing Technology and Live Entertainment


This show features LED pixel poi, led hula hoops and acrobatics. This Duet is perfect for weddings, galas and corporate events.

Pixel spinning is a brand new type of performance Terrence Drake is pioneering in North America. It is a revolutionary prop, the biggest appeal to clients is the ability to customize the animations to include corporate or sponsor logos, branding, messaging or anything else to suit the event. Pixel Spinning is offered as a 8 min choreographed featured duet performance. Imagine your corporate logo appearing in our performance right before you very eyes!

This 8 min act not only included pixel, but Isabella Hoops spins some of her best 5 hoop tricks with her amazing LED SpinFX hoops. The Drakes end the act with some astonishing acrobatic, perfect for a corporate or private events!