"GUITARO 5000"

A virtual one-man band. “GUITARO 5000” pushes the boundaries of what is possible with an acoustic guitar. Coupled with his incredible voice, charisma, and vast repertoire “GUITARO 5000” is the perfect choice to entertain a virtual audience. 



Regginald “GUITARO 5000” Guillaume is a full time musician and Youtuber hailing out of New Jersey. With a very simple but important message: “Music Brings Joy”. His videos of getting random people to sing with him on the streets of New York have garnered tens of thousands of views and subscribers and made him an internet sensation. These social experiments caught on film also support his theory that singing one song can make you happy but also illustrate GUITARO 5000’s incredibly versatile repertoire and infectious positivity. GUITARO 5000  has perfected his unique style of percussive guitar playing on the streets of New York City which has provided him with opportunities to perform at many high profile corporate events and weddings. GUITARO 5000’s talent, charm, and massive repertoire translate perfectly to virtual events, zoom meetings, virtual happy hours etc, Just watch one of his videos and we dare you not to smile!

GUITARO 5000 is the real deal. Super fun and engaging. How he sings, plays percussion and guitar all at the same time is beyond impressive. 

Arthur Kerekes

CEO, Fusion Events


Inject some artistic creativity to your next in-person or virtual event. Inspire attendees using custom live performances.

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