Soultry, Jazz, Pop

Winnipeg-born Songwriter/Artist Sara Dell has been cooking up super-catchy, masterfully crafted pop songs since around the age she learned to ride a bicycle. After studying classical piano for nine years and recording her first Independent EP, the bright eyed young girl packed her piano, studio gear and clothing into a rented minivan and pointed it toward Toronto to pursue her dreams in music.  Sara promised herself that she would have to make her living through music alone, believing the need for survival would probably be the fastest and most solid route to reach her musical potential.  Knowing hardly a soul in the city, she hit the pavement of Toronto in search of everywhere and anywhere to perform, beginning with a few mostly unknown little piano bars where she is sure nobody would ever take their mother for dinner.  The next many years were spent performing and teaching wherever she could, and any free time and money were spent writing, producing and recording her songs in studios around Toronto.  Now, four albums later, Sara is bringing her musical prowess and incredible reperotire to the event industry. Sara and her band create a perfect ambience for weddings, cocktail receptions, and corporate events.