Our virtual game shows and trivia add that focus and energy that brings online meetings and virtual event guests together. What this event component brings back into meetings is the playfulness, engagement and fun that got sucked out when we all went online. 

Our game show is highly produced and facilitated by two hosts, Kim and Benji. Put together teams of up tp 6 who have the ability to be on camera togehter and play togehter agaisnt the other teams and make it to the top of the leaderboard. 


Thank you soooooo much for your game last Saturday!  What a great way to have some laughs in a difficult time.  As soon as it was done all my guests wanted to play again.  They said it was the most fun they’ve ever had on Zoom by far. We felt like we were all in the same room.

Gillian Marcus

Coach4Miracles, Beverly Hills, CA

Mike Cavers’ custom-made trivia game show was a great success. Not only did it add some dynamic entertainment to the online component of our event, but it also highlighted featured auction items and sponsors in a memorable way.  This is an excellent way to engage online attendees.

Dana Harris

Dana Lee Consulting Ltd., Vancouver, BC

“Working with Mike was an absolute pleasure. From the creative ideas and partnership to build out our event vision, to the execution of brilliant characters and hosting on site. A true professional and critical to the success of our event theme.”

Claire Duncan

Director of Event Production, Cantrav Services, Vancouver, BC

Virtual Events Do Not = BORING

Let’s face it. Virtual meetings and events can be boring and it’s more and more difficult to keep people engaged. Our live virtual entertainment brings energy, inspires, and connects audiences with your purpose in a fun and interactive way.