With world renowned Las Vegas based illusionists



Virtual Magic Shows and Illusionists Kyle & Mistie Knight have entertained Fortune 500 companies and headlined casinos and theaters around the world from Vegas to Macau. Featured on hit TV shows such as “Penn & Teller: Fool Us” and “Now You See It”, they also took home the grand prize on SyFy channel’s magic competition show “Wizard Wars.” Now they are bringing their magic right into your home, direct to you!

Produced live from their studio in Las Vegas, this high energy, interactive show is a perfect addition to company Zoom meetings, virtual happy hours and online parties and events. In their virtual show Kyle & Mistie will showcase sleight of hand, mind reading, clean comedy, and incredible interactive illusions. Some of the magic will even happen right in your own hands! This is not like watching a video on Youtube or TV. During the performance Kyle & Mistie will be able to see, hear and interact with the audience real time, making this a truly unique experience.

Virtual shows allow Kyle & Mistie to offer the same first-class entertainment that they are known for, but at a much more affordable rate than their in-person shows. 

?Entertainment is essential to keep attendees excited and engaged, and what better way to fight “Zoom fatigue” than with amazing and interactive entertainment direct from Las Vegas. Get in touch to find out how Kyle & Mistie can customize their virtual show for your group, and check out the video below for clips from past virtual shows to see how fun and interactive these shows can be!



After seeing Kyle and Mistie Knight’s awesome stage show in person, I wasn’t sure if an online platform/virtual show would be comparable. I’m pleased to say that the Zoom show with my corporate colleagues was just as amazing, and it was interactive, engaging, and fun. Hiring them for a virtual show was great decision, especially in these stressful times. They are truly great entertainers. Thank you Kyle & Mistie!

Brandon Perlich

CEO, Click Bond Inc.

Kyle & Mistie are everything good you think about magic. Even online their presence and charm come shining through from the very first second they appear and the illusions they create are so fresh (and mind-boggling) that you feel as if they are right there in your living room. I didn’t think a “virtual show” could actually work, but, Kyle & Mistie proved me wrong! They make it work so well, it’s so smooth and polished, and these two will leave you and your guests scratching your heads and laughing out loud, asking each other, “How DID they do that!?

Larry Wilson

Attendee, Education Renaissance of Nevada Initiative

Just saw a Zoom show performed by Kyle and Mistie Knight. If you haven’t seen them before you’re missing one top notch, high energy show. They never let the pace slow down for a second. No dead air, no hesitation, total confidence, clean high quality magic and super smooth continuity. They reached the audience on a personal level, even through the computer screen.

Oscar Silvera

Attendee, Virtual Performance

Virtual Events Do Not = BORING

Let’s face it. Virtual meetings and events can be boring and it’s more and more difficult to keep people engaged. Our live virtual entertainment brings energy, inspires, and connects audiences with your purpose in a fun and interactive way.