REMIX! Mashups and Medleys are taking over.

Before we get into why and how Mashups and Medleys are taking over, lets first address what these mean.

Mashup: Take the back bone to one hit song and add a catchy lyrical hook of another pop song, place one on top of the other, and assuming the two parts are the same tempo and are in the same key then boom, you have a mash up.

Medley: Pick a theme: same artist, same genre, or just whatever is playing on the top of charts. You then play each song back to back to back. Not necessarily the entire song, usually just the chorus and hooks. Ideally songs that are in the same key or have similar tempo.

Remix: While the technical term of a remix is to redo the mixing portion of a song, i.e. adjust the decibel levels of all musical components, most people strictly associate it with something a rapper would yell out mid way through a song from the 90’s, before breaking out into a 16 line generic rap. Never the less, a remix is altering a song to fit a different style, mood or genre.

Alright, now that we know what those mean, we can move on to understanding why they are so important to use when it comes to the entertainment at your party / function.

Weather you’re throwing a birthday party, celebrating your wedding or drunkenly dancing with Penelope from Financing at your company party, there’s two attributes that make the entertainment at your event exciting and memorable; Fresh & Familiar.

Familiarity is what turns background music to inclusiveness, and you’ll want your guests to feel like they are a part of the party. I do understand that it might be YOUR wedding, but trust me, playing the entire rendition of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon cause it’s your favourite album from when you were a kid, will not go over smoothly for the rest of the crowd.

It’s important the music is relatable to whom is in attendance, so you should understand who will be at the event, and try and cater the music to the general consensus. The best way to do this is by hitting up the “nostalgia factor.” Play top tunes of everyone’s youth; the hits of yesteryear if you will. They might not be the songs on everyone’s playlists, but are the ones everyone subconsciously know all the words to in the chorus. They may have not even like some of the tunes at the time, but seeing as time has past, that song has now become that catchy song that reminds them of, and I quote “the good ol’ days”; nostalgia has a funny way of working like that.

Keeping it “Fresh” is all about playing those hit songs in new and exciting ways. In doing so, you leave a lasting impression, because the guests will be experiencing something unique to their experience. A great way of doing that is by using Remixes, Mash Ups and Medleys. This is something DJ’s have been doing since the 70’s. A great example of someone who utilizes both  mashups and medleys is a DJ named Girl Talk, who interweaves two or more songs in and out seamlessly with in a very short time span. So with in the first 5 minutes, you might have already heard up to 12 songs. While MSTRKRFT, a music production duo, is an example of a group known their funky/electro/rock remixes of popular songs, especially ones from fellow Canadian acts, such as Chromeo, Metric or Buck 65.

Now bands are starting to get in on the action. Look no further then Toronto’s own BPM Krew. Their motto is “We Replace The DJ”. They have all the same mashups and medleys capabilities that a DJ would have, but with the added bonus of having full control of the song, while being able to deliver it with the same energy and presence of a live concert. These types of performances are becoming more and more popular. It’s taking the average concert experience and cranking it to eleven. You hear more of what you want, in ways you didn’t think possible.

So when you do throw your total kick ass party, and wow your friends / coworkers, be sure to keep things “fresh and familiar” by having a band or DJ play lots of mashups and medleys. If done correctly, you will be the one that people place in highest regard next time they forced to listen to some lack lustre entertainment.

Today’s blog brought to you by Nick Love, WPICC:

Nick Love - Wedding planner TorontoNick Love WPICC, has been actively involved in the entertainment industry in Toronto for 10+ years. From touring with Canadian Pop-Punk superstars Sum 41, to becoming the Marketing Coordinator of Long & McQuade, Canada’s largest music instrument retail store. Naturally being a romantic; with a last name like Love. Nick, together with Fusion Events, is bringing a new sense of charm and charisma to the Wedding industry.