Russian Tsar Themed Wedding Inspiration

As a Russian wedding planner in Toronto I have always wanted to create a Russian Inspired wedding. When one thinks of a russian wedding images of Russian Doll, lots of food on the tables, and, of course, vodka immediately come to mind. However, Russian tradition and history is so broad and deep that you can derive inspiration for your wedding day from so many sources. Be it Imperial Russia, Russian Folklore, themes from literature, such as well-known in the west Anna Karenina or Doctor Zhivago, themes from music, such as Swan’s Lake or Nutcracker, just to name a few.

Today I would like to talk about the already mentioned Imperial Russia. The year 2013 commemorates 400 years since the first Romanov Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov acceded to the throne. It is one of the important dates in the modern russian history. During the Romanov’s rule Russia became the largest state in the world and one of the greatest empires in the history of human civilization. Of course, it’s status was reflected in the thrive of culture, literature, pictorial art, architecture, music, and ballet.

Czar Wedding Theme

Gold and red are the colours that symbolize the wealth and confidence of that era. Using shades of gold and red will make your decor look especially festive and regal. Adding accents of the colors of precious stones such as emerald, sapphire, or even black will make the decor look that much more elegant. Use a lot of light and candles for the gold elements to play beautifully in the light.

If you chose Imperial Russia as the theme for you wedding you can not miss using the gorgeous creations by the genius Russian jeweler Peter Carl Faberge. Having an Faberge egg cake topping or ordering individual cakes for your sweet table is a must. If your budget allows creating a Faberge inspired florals will absolutely wow your guests!

If you want to create the look of the Tsar and Tsarina as well and you are not looking to have your wedding attires custom made, you can incorporate the gold and red shades in your dress. Or having a lace white gown and wearing red lipstick and a tiara will also create that gorgeous Tsarina look. For the groom buying red boots can be a good investment into the Tsar look on your wedding! Plus, it will add a zest to the whole evening.

To get your guests excited for your Tsar wedding you can use royal scrolls with custom made seal with your monogram on it as your wedding invitations!

Though Russian Imperial theme suggests luxury and chic, you can incorporate more folk, rustic, or romantic elements in your decor. Use your imaginations!


Russian Wedding Planner TorontoAngelina possess an exceptional ability to understand a client’s vision and bring it to fruition, due to her acute sense of attention, detail, and creativity she produces results. She strives to bring her clients dreams to reality and will go the extra mile each and every time. Her extensive travel and studies abroad have taught her much about various cultures, making her attentive to traditions when organizing events. She strongly believes that her knowledge of Russian, English, Spanish and Mandarin will greatly enhance your experience and make your most creative and elaborate event come to life!




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