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Toronto Destination Wedding Planner

Fusion Events is a full-service Toronto wedding planning company. As such, we are pleased to offer destination wedding planning services for those, who are looking to get married in the Caribbean or some other romantic or exotic location.

When most people think about destination weddings, they tend to picture white sand beaches, palm trees, ocean waves, and a cool ocean breeze. While this is just one type of location where a destination wedding could be planned, it is not the only one.

Some people enjoy the wintertime and outdoors just as much as others enjoy the summertime. Here at Fusion Events, our certified wedding planners can provide assistance in destination wedding planning whether you want to get married on the beach, the ski slopes, or other exotic locales.

Toronto Destination Wedding Planning FAQs:


What is an onsite “wedding coordinator?”

Onsite “wedding coordinators” are not the same thing as retaining the services of your own professional destination wedding planner in Toronto from Fusion Events. Many resorts, which offer destination weddings, offer their own onsite “wedding coordinator.” However, onsite “wedding coordinators” work for the resort, not you. While their services can be extremely valuable, their focus will be to plan your wedding for the resort they work for, in order to maximize the amount you spend with the resort for your wedding and may not always be exactly what you dreamed or desired.

Our certified wedding planners guide you through all of your options and help you understand the differences between packages. In addition, we take the time to plan the type of destination wedding you want, and will be there from the very beginning until the very end, to ensure your destination wedding is seamless from the time you depart Toronto, until you are ready to return home.

What Does a Destination Wedding Cost?

The costs for a destination wedding depend upon several different factors. They are typically more per person than planning a local wedding in Toronto, since you have added expenses of air fare and resort accommodations. However, if you are planning a small wedding, a destination wedding can actually result in spending less than it would cost for a local Toronto area wedding.

Since destination weddings tend to involve a smaller group of people, there are resort packages available, starting for around $2,000 for between 8 and 12 guests, with additional fees for each additional guest. There are added costs, depending upon the types of options and packages you select.

Just like local weddings, the cost of the wedding will be more if you want customized decorations and a private reception. Ideally the most economical solution for planning a destination wedding is to plan it at the resort and take advantage of their pre-existing wedding packages.

Although, if sticking to a budget is not an issue, there are wonderful off-resort options available which will not only create a truly memorable wedding, but will wow your friends, family, and guests. Imagine getting married on the beach, on a cliff overlooking the ocean, outside of historic ruins, or outside a historic mansion. As you can see, the possibilities for off-resort options are endless.

Will a Destination Wedding be Too Expensive for Our Guests?

It mostly depends upon the location you select and time of year. Many locales have peak and non-peak seasons. Fusion Events can help you secure some of the best rates for your guests, utilizing our relationships and buying power through our travel partners.

How Much Advanced Planning Is Required for a Destination Wedding?

The further in advance you can start planning a destination wedding with one of our Toronto destination wedding planners, the better it will be for you. Ideally, we recommend to start the process a minimum of 12 to 15 months ahead of desired wedding date. This will help ensure you are able to secure your desired date, dream venue, and are able to take advantage of better travel and accommodation rates.

Although, Fusion Events has planned destination weddings with less advance notice and has still delivered exceptional results and memorable experiences for our satisfied clients. Just remember, with less advanced notice, the costs for a destination wedding could potentially be more and you might need to be flexible with your preferred wedding date.

Does Fusion Events’ Certified Wedding Planners Travel with Us?

In most cases, your Toronto destination wedding planners will travel with you to your destination and be there to ensure your wedding is properly executed based upon the months and months of planning. Your wedding planner from Fusion Events will act as the liaison between onsite “wedding coordinators”, offsite vendors, and more, so you can relax and not worry about a thing.

It is worth noting, in some situations, our clients want us to take care of coordinating and planning their wedding from Toronto, and choose to either have the onsite “wedding coordinator” or a local wedding planner be there to execute the wedding for them, after they arrive.

Fusion Events is happy to provide assistance in planning your destination wedding and offer the support, guidance, and help you require. We offer a wide variety of destination wedding packages and options. For more information or to schedule a consultation appointment to discuss your destination wedding dreams, please feel free to contact our certified destination wedding planners in Toronto today by calling 416-651-3873.