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South Asian Fusion

At Fusion Events we can help you with all of your traditional and modern wedding planning needs with our extensive experience, cultural knowledge, and the educated vendors we recommend. Fusion Events specializes in blending South Asian tradition with modern western concepts to create a perfect blend of classic tradition and modern aesthetic. Our planners work with you through every step of the process to create a truly unique and highly customized experience.

Stress Free

We have experience in everything from centerpieces and decor to maiyyan, sangeet or mehndi ceremonies to the selection of caterers, mendhi artists, entertainers, mandap designers, etc.  We can provide you with anything you need.  We know the difference between Hindu, Muslim, Gujarati, Punjabi, Pakistani, Bengali traditions and customs.  We can adjust to your individual style and taste since every South Asian wedding is a blend of cultures and each family has their own traditions.


Fusion Events will make this celebration of bonding two families together unique, and memorable! Contact us to set up a FREE consultation meeting with our experience South Asian wedding planner.


JagHi. My name is Jagdish (pronounced jag-dish). Realizing how often my name was mispronounced, I shortened it to Jag in University. But my family and close friends know me as Deshe (pronounced dee-she) – my nickname since birth. Yes, three different names can become confusing for some, so feel free to call me either of the three – whichever you’re most comfortable with!

I obtained my Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing from Ryerson University. I am a certified wedding and destination wedding coordinator through the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. I am also a Sandals Certified Specialist, Superclubs Certified Specialist and am TICO certified; allowing me to cater to all of your local and destination wedding needs.

Weddings and events are my passion and I absolutely LOVE love! The most rewarding part of being a wedding and event coordinator is having the opportunity to work so closely with such diverse personalities, cultures and families. Seeing the look on my clients’ faces when what they have envisioned in their minds is right before their eyes is truly priceless!

Some Random Facts About Me:

  • I never leave my house without eyeliner, lip gloss and earrings.
  • I have a pet parrot named Castro.
  • I am addicted to sweets, especially anything chocolate.
  • I haven’t had a sip of Pepsi or Coke in over 15 years. Why? I don’t know, but I refuse to ever try it again.
  • My favourite season is winter although I love basking in the sun and heat.
  • My favourite colour is pink.
  • I love to travel, especially to exotic locations.
  • Other than chocolate, I don’t consume any caffeine.

I hope that gives you a little insight into me and I look forward to meeting you. And I promise to treat your big day as if it were my big day.