Protecting the environment is important. If you and your betrothed plan to host an eco-friendly wedding, there is no reason the wedding of your dreams can’t be both stylish and environmentally friendly. Here are six great tips to get you started.

Location, location, location

What better way to set the tone for your green wedding by choosing a beautiful outdoor location.  Nature preserves, parks, and botanical gardens are beautiful locations to get married and can reduce your need for extra décor. If an indoor wedding is the direction you want to go, choose museums or galleries that will donate your deposit to a good cause.

Choose in Season Varieties of Flowers and Plants

If you can, try to select flowers and plants that are in season and can be found close to your wedding venue. If there are not a wide variety of options to choose from, consider using a local florist. Or you can skip the flowers all together and used potted plants and other greenery as décor items, and get creative with bouquets and boutonnieres. Consider upcycling old brooches to make a brooch bouquet. For more the bookish couples, repurpose old books into creative flower petals.

Choose Eco-Friendly and Conflict-Free Rings

Choose a jeweler who is committed to obtaining their materials in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way. With more and more jewelers opting to use recycled gold and conflict-free gems, you should be able to find the perfect rings that truly reflect your environmental ideals.

Use Local Vendors

When you support local businesses, you not only reduce emissions, but help your local economy. As an added bonus, going local means that you can remember your special day any time just by visiting your vendors’ shops, or easily recreate special wedding moments for your anniversary!

Go Recycled

Use recycled paper for your wedding invitations or other printed materials. If you can’t use recycled, try going for a hybrid of traditional and electronic: send your invitations by snail mail, but refer your guests to your wedding website for directions, find out hotel information, and even RSVP.

Opt Out of Favors

Instead of choosing wedding favors for your guests, let them know that you have donated a specified amount in their name to your favorite charity or environmental organization. If you would rather your guests have a keepsake of your special day, choose sustainable favors, such as soy candles or locally-made handcrafted items.

Donate Leftovers

Check with your caterer to find out if they will chill any unserved food from your rehearsal dinner or reception. Many food banks will pick up properly stored leftovers and your special day will help feed hungry folks in your community.

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