When most people think “wedding” they envision white dresses, formal tuxedoes, and lots and lots of pastel. For many brides, a more traditional wedding is the perfect choice. But if you are the kind of kind of bride who loves spooky tales, ghosts and goblins, you can still have the wedding of your dreams.

A Halloween Wedding Doesn’t Have to Be on Halloween

Really, any time that you might consider hosting a Halloween party is a perfect time for a Halloween wedding. If your wedding is close to the beginning of November, to add a little cultural flair, you might consider a Dios de los Muertos theme. Sugar skulls make wonderful accent pieces or wedding favors. Centerpieces can include marigolds and white mums. You can make a dramatic statement with a simple gladiolus bridal bouquet.

Halloween Isn’t Just for Kids

While you may no longer go trick-or-treating in your neighbourhood, you can still celebrate your wedding in true Halloween style.

  • Have your bridal party dress up in themed costumes, such as the characters from “Nightmare Before Christmas” or “Corpse Bride”. You can also go for a more classic look with ghosts, the bride of Frankenstein, or vampires. You can even invite your guests to show up in their Halloween best. Consider having a mask station set up for guests who forgot to dress up.
  • Wedding favors can include mini coffins or, for a less macabre touch, votive holders and drinks glasses can be etched with Halloween-themed motifs. Mini trick-or-treat bags filled with fun festive goodies are also a great option.
  • Consider using jack-o’-lanterns as centerpieces. The ambient light from the candlelit lanterns will set a perfect spooky mood. You can augment the look with autumn leaves and apples.
  • Make use of Halloween décor fabrics for chair swag, bunting, or to add an extra spooky touch to tables.

While Halloween does not have to be all about the kids, if little ones are going to be at your event, consider setting up a trick-or-treat station or other fun Halloween activities for them.

Halloween Doesn’t Have to Be Spooky

If you like the idea of a Halloween-themed wedding, but want to stick to a more traditional look and feel for your wedding, consider these other options:

  • Steampunk. This wonderful blend of Victoriana and science fiction features lots of copper tones and deep rich textures that are perfect for any autumn wedding.
  • Musicals. Think Sweeney Todd or The Phantom of the Opera. If your venue features an ornate chandelier, consider making it a focal point in your decoration choice to really tie a Phantom theme together.
  • Masquerade. Masquerade balls are a centuries-old tradition; a little bit high society and a little bit scandal. They are also a wonderful way to incorporate a touch of whimsy and Halloween into an otherwise traditionally-styled wedding. Little masquerade mask ornaments can be used as wedding favors.

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