There can be nothing more memorable than celebrating your special day with the fairy tale wedding you have dreamed about since you were a little girl. While all aspects of planning your wedding are important, there are five key components that need to be at the top of your priority list:

1. Pick the fairy tale theme you desire.

As a young girl your perfect fairy tale wedding might have been having your prince arrive on horseback and whisk you off to live happily ever after. Some people like to incorporate fairy tale elements into a “steam punk” themed wedding. Others might want every element of their wedding to follow their favourite childhood story. Essentially, a fairy tale wedding theme can be anything you dream up and conceive.

2. Retain the services of experienced Toronto wedding planners.

Pulling off a successful fairy tale wedding with all the “bells and whistles” requires help from a professional team of wedding planners. Experienced planners are knowledgeable about a wide array of themes, vendors, and more to ensure your special day has every element you desire, down to the finest details.

3. Select the ideal wedding venue to match your fairy tale theme.

The venue should incorporate your theme. For instance, if you want to get married in a castle, you will want to find a venue that looks like an actual castle. Your wedding planner is willing and able to help scout out locations, or they could even know of the perfect one to use due to their knowledge.

4. Choose a photographer and videographer to capture every breathtaking moment.

No fairy tale wedding could be relived over and over again without stunning pictures and video. It is YOUR special day and you will surely want to enjoy the memories for years to come and even share your wedding with your children and grandchildren someday. Again, your wedding planner is a viable resource to rely upon as they have the connections with some of the top wedding photographers and videographers in the industry.

5. Select entertainment to enjoy during your reception.

During your reception, your guests will want to do more than simply eat and watch share a bit of wedding cake with your new spouse. There are several options for entertainers depending on your needs, including live wedding bands and DJs. Just remember to work with the performer to ensure they understand your expectations of what you desire, like if you expect them to dress in period costumes to match your wedding theme and what type of music and songs you want played.

By focusing on these five key components, the other aspects of your wedding will come together seamlessly. Here at Fusion Events, we are here to help plan your special day with assistance from our certified wedding planners. We even represent and manage some of the top wedding entertainers in the industry. Contact us today at 416-651-3873 to schedule a consultation appointment. We look forward to making your special day the fairy tale you have always dreamed of and will remember for a lifetime.