By: ArthurK, WPICC

Last February I was contacted by this lovely couple, Anne-Marie and Alex, for their upcoming wedding at Sunnybrook Estates (Vaughn Estate). They were interested in booking one of our top Toronto Wedding Bands, Shugga. Upon meeting them to discuss booking the band, we instantly hit it off. They are our ideal couple; young, modern, tech savvy, and fashion forward. Not to mention they were planning the wedding themselves without any of their parents involvement in the planning process – can anyone say dream client?! After meeting with them to discuss the band, and asking the normal questions we ask in an initial consultation, they started to realize that they needed help in planning and executing their vision. Which led them to their next decision – to have myself and the Fusion Events team on board to make it happen.

The wedding was in mid-November in that grey area between fall and winter weddings. The inspiration for their design was neither winter nor fall, but rather festive, yet not over the top Christmasy! They wanted their colours to be Red, Black and White with hints of Damask. For florals the bride fancied red roses so that’s what we went with as the main theme for Centerpieces and Bouquets courtesy of Designing Trendz. They wanted a sophisticated, upscale wedding that was also a fierce party. Not too many formalities and lots of dancing!

Here is a video of the event as seen through the perspective of the wedding planner…me! This wedding went very smoothly and on time to almost the second. I even had enough time to sit down at the beautiful grand piano at Sunnybrook Estates for a moment of Zen before the storm, as seen in the video…I also sat in on the saxophone with the band for a couple numbers (see the video):

The Beautiful Couple
Bride and Groom

The Dress

Mini Red Cake Topper, Red Velvet Cupcakes, and Decor

Table Setting
Wedding Decor - Table Setting

The head table with hand made giant roses. Each rose can take up to 2-3hrs to make.
Decor - Table Setting

Toronto Wedding Singer – Alana Bridgewater and Shugga.
Bride dancing at wedding with toronto wedding singer Alana Bridgewater.



Wedding Planner – ArthurK, WPICC – Fusion Events

Wedding Planner Assistant – Melissa Sobotka, WPICC

Venue – Sunnybrook Estates – Vaughn Estate

Decor/Flowers – Craig Gruzd, Designing Trendz

Band – Shugga

Photography – Jamieson Dean

Video – WeDo by Daniel Royer

Wedding Dress – Ritche Bridal designed by MiKaella

Grooms Attire – Saks Fifth Avenue designed by Hugo Boss

Shoes – BCBG

Hair and Make Up – Kristjan Hayden

Cupcakes and Mini Cake Topper – We Bake In Heels

Invitations – Stephita

Officiant – Sarah Bunnet Gibson