Unleash the Potential of Spontaneous Think Tanks at Your Next Live Event

Embark on a journey of discovery with Fusion Events, where we transform conventional team building and networking in Toronto into immersive, dynamic experiences. Our secret weapon? Spontaneous Think Tanks. These aren’t your average networking sessions; they are carefully crafted yet agile platforms designed to foster authentic connections and collaborative breakthroughs, making every live event or trade show an opportunity for genuine engagement.

Spontaneous Think Tanks: The Heartbeat of Team Building in Toronto

What sets Fusion Events apart are our signature Spontaneous Think Tanks, a revolutionary approach to team building in Toronto. But what exactly is a Spontaneous Think Tank? It’s an innovative, structured yet flexible, discussion format designed to unlock the collective intelligence and creativity of your team. Unlike traditional, often passive event sessions, our Think Tanks are dynamic, engaging, and result in real-time problem-solving and idea generation.

Imagine a space where every member of your team, from Toronto and beyond, can voice their challenges, share their expertise, and collaborate on solutions. These Think Tanks are not just about talking; they’re about doing. They’re about transforming collective thoughts into actionable strategies. This approach not only enhances networking opportunities but also fosters a sense of belonging and collective achievement.

Uncover problems
you didn’t know
you had.


Your attendees have a problem to solve. You can help them solve it. Through our method of engagement called Crowdsourcing, we uncover the greatest challenges that your attendees are trying to solve and connect them with the people who can help them solve it. Through peer-led conversations or discussions led by your SMEs, your attendees become participants and connections abound.

If your entire event can be uploaded to YouTube, was there any reason for your attendees to be there in person?



If your attendees are coming to your event to connect, why are you limiting their networking opportunities?

The 10 minute coffee break or the loud party with bad wine and cheese cubes doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s time
to create environments of facilitated networking and opportunities for your attendees to connect with the
people who can help them solve a problem or advance their career.



One of the easiest ways to engage your virtual event audience is to entertain them. Pepper in content through gamification that will enforce or help deliver your events maessgae. Fusion Events has been designing and scouring the globe for the worlds most innovative, interesting, and engaging virtual experiences on the market.  One of the many benefits of virtual is that you don’t have to rely on local talent. The world is now your oyster!