Podcast Title: That’s Entertaining

Episode Title: The Intersection of AI, Music, and Experiential Marketing
Host: Arthur K.
Guest: Nicole Jimenez



  • Overview: Arthur K. opens the episode by welcoming listeners to “That’s Entertaining,” a podcast dedicated to exploring the worlds of events, entertainment, and technology.
  • Call to Action: Arthur encourages live viewers to engage in the conversation, emphasizing the importance of diverse perspectives and interaction.

Segment 1: AI’s Impact on the Music Industry

  • Topic: The recent development in AI where it’s used to replicate famous artists’ voices.
  • Example: A song imitating Drake and The Weeknd, created using AI, that went viral, sparking discussions on authenticity and legality in the music industry.
  • Takeaway: The segment underscores the profound impact AI is having across industries, particularly in music, raising important questions about copyright and ethics.

Segment 2: The Beatles’ AI-Assisted Comeback

  • Highlight: A deep dive into how The Beatles used AI technology to create a new song, “Now and Then.”
  • Background: John Lennon’s 1974 demos are transformed into a new track using advanced AI to isolate his vocals from piano tracks.
  • Insight: Arthur K. discusses how technology failed to produce this song in 1984 but succeeded in 2023, showing AI’s evolution.
  • Visual Elements: Discussion of the song’s video, combining historical footage with modern technology.
  • Personal Perspective: Arthur shares his mixed feelings about the video’s execution, noting some creative choices as peculiar.

Segment 3: Introduction to Experiential Marketing

  • Guest Introduction: Arthur introduces Nicole Jimenez, an expert in experiential marketing with over 23 years of experience.
  • Nicole’s Background: Nicole’s career spans across various sectors including events, entertainment, corporate marketing, and brand partnerships.
  • Discussion Preview: Arthur sets the stage for an in-depth conversation about the growth and importance of experiential marketing in the current landscape.

Segment 4: Interview with Nicole Jimenez

  • Nicole’s Journey: Nicole shares her path into experiential marketing, starting from community event planning to professional roles in large-scale events and marketing.
  • Evolution of Experiential Marketing: Nicole talks about the shift in experiential marketing, from basic event management to a more integrated

approach involving digital and physical experiences.

  • Educational Aspects: Discussion about the availability of formal education in experiential marketing and the increasing interest in the field.
  • Experiential Marketing Definition: Nicole defines experiential marketing as an umbrella term covering various tactics aimed at creating real-life connections with audiences.

Segment 5: Experiential Marketing During the Pandemic

  • Challenges: Nicole and Arthur discuss the immense challenges faced by the experiential marketing industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Digital Transformation: The shift to virtual events and digital engagement tools, and how these adaptations might influence future strategies.
  • Recovery and Adaptation: Insights into the recovery phase and how the pandemic has permanently altered the approach to experiential marketing.

Segment 6: Fundraising Through Experiential Marketing

  • Objective of Campaigns: Nicole explains how experiential marketing is used for fundraising, especially in the non-profit sector.
  • Storytelling and Impact: Emphasis on storytelling as a key element in engaging audiences and encouraging donations.
  • Changes in Donor Behavior: Discussion on how the pandemic has affected public generosity and the importance of meaningful engagement.

Segment 7: Innovative Examples of Experiential Marketing

  • Case Study: Arthur presents a simple yet effective experiential marketing campaign focused on bone marrow donation, highlighting the power of storytelling.
  • Analysis of VCon: Nicole and Arthur review a clip from VCon, discussing how it exemplifies various elements of experiential marketing, from celebrity involvement to sensory engagement.

Segment 8: Inclusivity and Accessibility in Experiential Marketing

  • Personal Values: Nicole emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and accessibility, both in external events and within organizational culture.
  • Industry Perspective: They discuss the progress and challenges in ensuring experiential marketing events are inclusive and accessible to all demographics.
  • Future Trends: Arthur and Nicole speculate on the direction experiential marketing is heading, especially with the integration of digital tools and innovative approaches.

Segment 9: Future of Experiential Marketing (XM)

  • Digital Integration: Nicole shares her excitement about the future of XM, particularly the potential of blending digital experiences with

physical interactions.

  • Innovation in Engagement: Discussion on the evolving landscape of XM, with a focus on creativity and breaking traditional boundaries.
  • Upcoming Campaigns: Nicole gives a sneak peek into her upcoming projects and her approach to creating impactful, story-driven marketing campaigns.

Segment 10: Wrap-Up and Contact Information

  • Final Thoughts: Arthur and Nicole summarize the key points discussed and the insights gained about the evolving world of experiential marketing.
  • Contact Details: Nicole shares how listeners can connect with her, primarily through LinkedIn, for further discussion or collaboration.
  • Closing Remarks: Arthur thanks Nicole for her contributions and wraps up the episode, encouraging listeners to subscribe and engage with the podcast.

Note to Listeners: For more information on the topics discussed in this episode, visit our website. Stay tuned for our next episode where we dive deeper into the fascinating world of events, entertainment, and technology.