Besides walking down the aisle and saying your “I do’s” with your new spouse, the next biggest, memorable thing about your special day is the type of entertainment you select for your wedding ceremony. There are all sorts of different options from Toronto live wedding bands to DJs and other entertainers. In order to help you make the best possible decision, here are some useful tips and suggestions to get you started.

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  • Ask Your Toronto Wedding Planners for a Referral – Most professional wedding planners in Toronto are well-connected with live wedding bands, DJs, and other entertainers. Some even represent and manage their own bands, DJs, and entertainers, in addition to providing wedding planning services, like us, here at Fusion Events.
  • Verify the Entertainer Is Insured – Some venues will require your entertainment have liability insurance in order to perform. All of the entertainers we represent and manage are fully insured.
  • Never Base Your Decision on Price Alone – As with other things in life, including your wedding, you get what you pay for. If you opt to take the cheap route and choose the least expensive band or DJ, the results could not be what you expected and could quickly turn disastrous.On the other hand, selecting an entertainer, who inflates their prices for weddings, should be a concern, too. Ideally, you want to find a balance between the quality you receive and what you pay for the entertainment.
  • Provide Clear Expectations – Bands, DJs, and entertainers should allow you to provide input and what it is you expect from them. If an entertainer seems inflexible and dictates what they will and will not do, it may be better to choose another entertainer. Remember, it is your special day, and you deserve to create the atmosphere you want at your ceremony.
  • Confirm Whether Requests Will Be Taken – A band, DJ, and entertainer, who takes requests from you, your new spouse, wedding party, and guests will make all the difference between simply playing through a list of songs and getting everyone involved.
  • Request a Written Contract – You will want to create a contract between you and the band, DJ, or entertainer you select. Contacts not only protect your interests, but those of the entertainer. Further, contracts will stipulate what the entertainer will provide and what they expect you or the venue to provide, such as a dressing room area, meals, beverages, and so on.
  • Never Book an Entertainer without Seeing Them Perform – Did you buy your wedding dress by simply looking at a picture and not trying it on? Probably not, and the same should be true when you choose entertainment for your wedding. Make it a point to go see them perform live either at another venue, or during a meeting.
  • Take Care of Your Entertainers – Prior to going on stage, the band, DJ, or entertainer will need time to set up ahead of time. Check with your wedding planner, the venue, or wedding caterer to ensure meals and beverages will be available for your entertainers or those setting up for them. In addition, having a dressing room or offstage area for them to retire to, in-between sets can make a big difference.
  • Provide Feedback about Your Experience – Let others know what you thought of the band, DJ, or entertainer. Most have Facebook pages, social media pages, or websites where you can let them know how they did. Most live wedding bands, DJs, and entertainers rely upon your feedback and word-of-mouth recommendations to book future work.

With some of the above tips and suggestions, you may want to delegate certain responsibilities to your Toronto wedding planners or other people so you do not have to worry about them on your wedding day. For further assistance in selecting the best entertainer, DJ, or live wedding band in Toronto for your wedding, as well as professional wedding planning services, please feel free to contact Fusion Events today by calling 416-651-3873.

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