One of first things your guests will notice, if you are hosting your wedding reception outdoors under a wedding venue party tent, is what types of decorations you have used to transform this normally drab, ordinary, and plain looking tent into a stunning reception masterpiece.

There are all sorts of decorating ideas you can incorporate to add your own personal touches and flare to liven up the space, and turn it into the celebration you deserve on your special day. Wedding tents feature all sorts of areas you can decorate. To help get you inspired and your creative processes flowing, we offer the following decorating ideas you may want to use.

  • Lining the Sidewalls – If you have sidewalls on your wedding tent, you can spice things up by draping fabrics from the top of the wall. You can hang fabrics so they flow all the way down to the ground, or create arches, or a mixture. Another great option is to use strings of LED lights with the fabrics to illuminate the fabric colours.
  • Swagging – This is one of the more popular ways to decorate a wedding tent. You can use several different colours of fabric runners, twist them together and then secure them to different sections of the tent roof supports. Next, you can wrap them directly around support poles or drape them and run them to the sides of the tent for a billowy appearance. You can also incorporate LED light strings to further enhance the look.
  • Pole Draping – This decorating style is running vines, flowers, fabrics or LED lights from any of the upper main supports at the top of the tent, and draping it to other upper supports. You can also allow them to hang freely, so long as they are shorter and will not obscure movements.
  • Decorative Floor Level Pieces – You can incorporate ottomans, throw pillows, light up furniture, mirrors, dance floors, and more, based upon the length of the reception and how long you want your guests to enjoy themselves while celebrating your special day.
  • Ornamental Columns/Room Dividers – These items allow you to further enhance the appearance under the tent. Room dividers are great when you want to create the illusion of a much larger space or help direct the flow of your guests to specific areas, such as the dance floor. Columns add an elegance of their own, such as placing them near the table where you will cut your wedding cake. You can even add fabrics, flowers, and lighting to these pieces.
  • Chandeliers – Some wedding venue tents are able to have chandeliers added to the ceiling to provide more lighting, plus add an upscale charm.

When it comes to decorating your wedding venue tent, you can get help and assistance from our certified wedding planners in Toronto, here at Fusion Events. We know which vendors will have the decorative items and pieces you require, as well as can help oversee the decorating processes to ensure everything is to your satisfaction.

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